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St Mackenzie’s Lola Rae: Sexy School Girl Ivy Steals A Cigar, Smokes It, Then Crushes It Under Her Shoe

Naughty Ivy has snuck into the empty classroom hoping to find some of the teacher’s cigarettes that she can steal, however as she rummages through the drawers she finds a cigar instead. She has never tried a cigar before so she decides to take it and light it. She relaxes for a moment as she inhales and lets the new strong taste fill her mouth. While Ivy tastes the cigar smoke she continues to rummage through the desk and finds a pair of black stiletto court heels. Unable to resit she slips off her trainers and socks and slips the elegant high heels onto her feet, and to her delight they fit perfectly. As she continues enjoying her cigar she takes her time to admire how sexy the shoes look while walking slowly around the room, before sitting up on the teacher’s desk and running her hand down her leg and high heels with her cigar held between her fingers. She smokes some more as she relaxes but eventually she has had enough of smoking the cigar and goes to dispose of it like she would with any cigarette, by crushing it underfoot. She takes the cigar to her lips for one last taste before letting it slip from between her fingers and fall onto the clean wooden floor. She lifts her foot and presses down on the burning end, applying pressure on it at first, then twisting her foot slowly to extinguish the expensive cigar under the sole of the teacher’s shoe. She keeps grinding it until all life has been pressed out of it and finally takes a step back to reveal its destroyed remains and the smear of ash on the floor.

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