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She Intended Blood But The Shit Showed Up with goddessemmalove

Clip 1: Goddess Emma Love is wearing a black top and black pants. She is sitting on a brown chair with a white towel on the seat. The chair is in the bathtub.
When Emma pulls down her black pants you see her inner thighs have period blood. It looks very similar to red wings.
When Emma is completely naked she starts playing with her pussy. She smears blood on her inner thighs, her stomach and breasts. Emma is farting a lot too.
Emma starts to pee. While she is pushing down to pee the poop comes out. She picks up the poop and plays with it and smears it all over her body and face.

Clip 2: Goddess Emma Love is sitting in a chair with dried poop on her face and body. Due to technical difficulty the poop has had time to dry. Eeeewwwww! She takes some water and pours it on her body to moisten the shit. She turns around to show off her big beautiful butt and smears poop all over her butt cheeks. She turns to the side and smears the poop all over herself. Emma returns to the front view and continues to smear poop all over her body.

Sold By: : goddessemmalove
Categories: Period Play, Scat, Smearing

Format: MP4
Duration: 5 Min
Size: 168 Mb
Resolution: 640×480

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