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SEXUALLY BROKEN:Aug 20, 2014 – India Summer, Jack Hammer, Matt Williams

MILF India Summer bound, ragdoll fucked without mercy, brutal deepthroat and multiple orgasms!

Stunning MILF runs into hard cock until she is a drooling undone mess of slut

India Summer is one of a kind. Eager, enthusiastic and down to fuck like a weasel in heat. The reason we keep inviting this stunning MILF back is that she delivers her A game every single time. She loves this sort of thing, it is why she gets up each morning. She craves being taken apart and undone by the dick. And we are givers like that. Today is your lucky day India.

Bound in a strict and unforgiving tie that keeps her legs open and her elbows restrained, India is wide open and ready for access. She is gagged and drooling, the rope keeping her completely immobilized. She can not even shift, only her eyes dart around. A man watches from the corner, hard cock and vibrator in hand. She knows what is about to happen. We approach and lay down that vibrator on her exposed cunt. India cums almost immediately, her pussy is on a hair trigger and ready to go.

The orgasms warm her up for the throat training. We remove her gag and replace it with cock. It is a brutal pounding deepthroat blowjob. A second, even bigger cock steps up and makes full use of that experienced throat. The drool pours out and coats her bright blue dress. All the while, her pussy makes a tempting target. We can wait no longer and haul her bound body onto the fuckbox. The box puts her at the perfect height for full access to both ends. We do not hesitate a single moment, and plunge home to the hilt.

Both cocks bury themselves deep inside India as she cums over and over, her face flush and a look of ecstasy in her eyes. Her makeup and hair are destroyed and drool covered. Her eager holes are fucked wide open. Her bondage keeps her immobilized as what is left of her brains vanish. She is too spent to twitch. THAT is how you sexually break a bitch! You are welcome back anytime India…
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