SENSUAL PAIN: Jan 24, 2018: Anal Big Deep With Edging Together | Abigail Dupree

Master has me help a friend who loves riding the edge of orgasm while also seeing me edge and stop on his command. He is also fascinated with my larger and farther reaching toys and what I’m able to do with them anally.Though this a just part of the meeting online, it went on for quite a while with mutual pleasure. I feel like I have served him as Master has tasked me to do with great satisfaction, as a good sex slave should. I ride Chance very deep on the fuck post and even give a taste of anal fisting with insights into my personal orgasm buttons. I end our session with a teasing blowjob with deepthroat and get an amazing view of his built up orgasm. Will you edge along with us?

Format: MP4
Duration: 24:39 Min
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