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SENSUAL PAIN: Aug 25, 2019: Virtually Out Of Shape | Abigail Dupree

A healthy slave is essential in serving the Master. A good diet, exercise and mental conditioning are the key elements to optimize positive thinking and ultimately optimize performance and proper discipline.

Here you will find slave 465 chained and shackled to the exercise bike for physical training and mental conditioning. This is accomplished by partial deprivation then induction, with the aid of the VR goggles and headphones. Graphic video and audio of various types of sexual BDSM sessions are play continuously to stimulate various neurotransmitters to influence personality traits for personality conditioning. The session continues till complete exhaustion.

As part of the sub⁄slave based training, the slave voluntarily renounces self-determination, displacing it with a continuously progressive, mental adaptation to sexual and mental conditioning programs. This is a process of training your mind to modify your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs to accept thinking patterns, tendencies and⁄or mental states in order to optimize positive thinking and ultimately optimizing your performance in total obedience.

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