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Sado-Ladies: Life Is Not Easy

Domina Liza is ready for a ride, dressed in her skin tight leather trousers, knee high boots and a white blouse. Before she leaves the house she wants to make sure that her boots are spotless. She wants them absolute clean, of course, the stiletto heels and the spurs too.

While the dominant lady sits on a soft leather chair, her slave is fixed to a wooden rack. He has to kneel and his position is more than unfomfortable. But Liza orders him to start cleaning her boots now with his tongue. The slave tries his best but it’s very hard for him to reach every inch of the soft black leather. He moans a lot and says that’s not easy to clean the boots from this position.

"Of course, slave! Thats was the idea!", Domina Liza answers with a strict voice and she lifts up her leg a litte bit to show her sharp spurs. It’s time to remain the slave where he belongs. He is ordered to put his tongue out so Liza can use it like a doormat. After that, the slave has to start over with the other one although he is really exhausted from being forced into that position.

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