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Sado-Ladies: Drunken Slave – Double Domination

Today we have a wonderful special roleplay clip with goddesses miss jayla and mistress medina! Its late in the morning and the slave appears as both mistresses awaiting him already. The poor slave – as stupid as he is – is drunken after a good party with his friends and stumbling about this and that. Very respectless. He didnt expect that his ladies was waiting on him. Well, the ladies surely will teach him a lesson that he will not forget too soon.

First miss jayla holds his arms behind his back while mistress medina slaps his face. It seems he gets clearer now and soon he says that he is sorry. But this is not enough to the ladies. He has to take his shirt down and then miss jayla now whips his rear while mistress medina continue to slap his face. Whenever he struggles he is ordered to stay straight and gets more and more slashes and slaps. Wonderful playful clip with not only 2 perfect acting ladies but also with a good male actor! Not any male actor can perform like this!

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