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American Mean Girls: WHO’S ASS IS THIS

For this game, we blindfold our slave. We’re going to stick our dirty, mean assholes in his face and he’s gonna have to guess which Princess or Goddess the ass belongs to. Hahaha! i wonder if our dirty asses smell different or he’s just gonna be guessing? Whatever, he BETTER do a good job at this game. Our slaves have been serving us obediently and it would be very disrespectful for them to get it wrong. So he damn well better know the difference! Yeah it’s all cr@p, but that’s no excuse to get it wrong lol. Put that sniffer to work bitch, and score high! You need to know your Master’s scent…
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Selection of slaves – MP4

Some men have applied by young sexy Mistress Cora. She is an athletic beauty model and looks for new slaves. She has some test rounds and then decides who is her new slave.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Mistress Dr. Jette – MP4

Maik has a special fetish, he love it when the mistress torture him in medical outfit. Jette like this idea and so she change in this session to Dr. Jette and Maik gets an nice femdom session in medical room with sexy medical outfit.
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Young-femdom: Mona`s Slave

Mona has her first session time and the first time with a new slave. She is happy to punish and degrate the slave and the slave enjoy it also.
Both have an amazing time togehter and we think, its not the last time with Goddess Mona.
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Young-femdom: The sick slave

Cloe has made a bad choice. She has choosen for a session a slave who is sick. The slave is weak and whine all the time. But Goddess Cloe has no mercy and torments him as she liked
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Young-femdom: What are you for an „Spacken“ ?

Sabrina is sitting in a bar and enjoy the location and her drink. Suddenly comes a masked man in the bar and disturb the goddess. So he gets
trashing from the powerful „Hamburger Deern“ and a lot of insult.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Ashamed for the disorder !

Our new Goddesses Milana and Sunny makes a party for her girlfriends, with a presantation of her bdsm toys and wear. But her slave hasn`t ordered the things and so he get`s a special payment.Whipping, Caning, Helsworship, Trampling, Spitting, Faceslapping, Nipple Torture
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Ball Busting Chicks: Watch My Shaking Boobs

Watch her big tits bouncing around when she hit him left and right in the face. Then she humiliates him and punishes his balls as well by ruthless squeezing and pulling them around.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: You are to fat boy !

The homeboy from Goddess Cloe is to fat. So she dont like to spend time with him. Suddenly she has a good idea, for domination and a slim fit boy. She makes femdom sports with him, she have fun and maybe an athletic slave in the future.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Take your fucking hands off !

Marco has bought a lot for Amateur Mistress Jette. She is satisfied with the job and he gets as
payment a session. But it`s not his day and he try to protect his body with her hands, but this is not successful.

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Test the new Homeslave

Mona has an new homeslave and just she test out her lovely femdom fantasies. He can obey the amazing black kneehigh boots and the devilished young body. Maybe he is an lucky new homeslave.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Where is my slave ?

Goddess Milana and Goddess Dani, looking for her slave. Long time they cant find him, and as they found him, he gets an punishment for his absence to the time, as the goddesses ask for.
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Man from the cage

The goddesses Samira and Trisha hold an slave in her house in a cage. Sometimes when they have time and its boring, they let him out of the cage and have a lot of fun with him.
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Young-Femdom: Father, Son and the devilished girls …

A fahter is with his son in a bar and there are also 2 girls. The men looks like 2 defenseless victims and so the girls degrate the men to sissies.Caning, Heelsworship, Trampling, Ballbusting, Faceslapping
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Back for More Mistress Heather

Femme Fatale Films - Back for More Mistress Heather
Mistress Heather

To be divine Mistress Heather’s whipping boy is a great honour and privilege. Turning up three minutes late for his appointment is sloppy and disrespectful and deserves a harsh punishment. No one is better equipped than Mistress Heather to deal with this recalcitrant slave.
Parts: 5
Total Duration: 32 minutes 19 seconds
Photos: 35
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young-femdom: You are good for nothing!

Leana has a man and he is lying all day on the sofa. He is very lazy and good for nothing, he dont know about homework and world wide web. Leana is disappointed about him and tests, whether he is fitfor beating
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