Restrainedelegance: #GameOfSlaves: Mistress Hannah Sells Herself Into Slavery!

Title: #GameOfSlaves: Mistress Hannah Sells Herself Into Slavery!

Description: Hannah has managed to lose Ariel Anderssen from her stable of slaves, and her backers are not pleased with her (to say the least). She needs to raise funds and get herself out of the hole she has got into. Drastic action is called for- she decides to make herself available to be hired as a slave for a whole week. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you want Hannah Claydon to be your own personal slave for a whole seven days. Listen to Hannah sell herself to you at auction! You might want to tie her up with some rope, bind her wrists, her ankles… gag her? You’ve watched her gag videos, you know her passion for finding the perfect gag. Will you silence her and find the perfect gag for your personal slave? Or maybe metal is more to your taste? Handcuffs? Leg irons? And do you want to finally see her magnificent figure bared for you? You can… IF you win the auction!

Format: MP4
Duration: 16 Min
Size: 590 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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