Restrainedelegance: #GameOfSlaves: Hot New Discovery!

Sometimes girls just appear on #GameOfSlaves from nowhere! Has anyone seen her before? She’s @dolly_model but the ident says Bad Dolly! I think she must be wicked bad given what they’re doing to her. Nipple clamps, blindfolded, bit-gagged and trussed up to a chair! There has to be more of her, I can see her ident has anyone seen it? If you’ve got more let me know and I’ll share anything I get we have to see more of her! I haven’t seen an intro video or anything yet….

All our stories are shot on a professional set with proper regard for the health and safety of all performers and crew. Photo and video stories shot with gags use gag safety procedures to ensure the model’s comfort, safety and consent on set.

Production Team: Hywel and Ariel Anderssen

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