Restrainedelegance: #GameOfSlaves: Calling Card

New submissive in #GameOfSlaves @TweetRSummers makes quite a splash with her debut video "calling card". Imagine having this preternaturally beautiful woman arrive at your door, clad in an elegantly-cut leather skirt, blouse, black stockings and high heels. Imagine that without either of you saying a word, she slowly strips off her clothes for you, revealing the decadent lace black underwear beneath. The high heels, the stockings, then the soles of her bare feet… there is nothing to be said, just a pleasure to be savoured. She has brought with her the symbols of her own enslavement, black leather cuffs trimmed with a splash of scarlet. She locks herself in. Wrists, ankles, the collars herself as the mark of her submission. Naked, chained, she gives herself to you to do with as you wish. She is her own calling card: pleasure by appointment.

Format: MP4
Duration: 9 Min
Size: 315 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download | Play it online

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