Restrainedelegance: Game Of Slaves: Introducing Kobe Lee

Description: Newcomer slave @KobeATLn joins #GameOfSlaves and tells us all about her fantasies that she wants fulfilled!

Hywel’s note: if #GameOfSlaves is a hit, I want to get as many models involved as I can… especially people like Kobe Lee @KobeATL who we don’t get to shoot with nearly as often as we’d lie, owing to the minor inconvenience of the Atlantic Ocean. Kobe was one of the first people I messaged to try to get us off to a flying start, a taste of things to come, hopefully! Bear with us that the intro videos are going to be a bit bondage light- we’ve got to do a bit of story establishment and it seemed like the logical thing to get people to shoot their "selfie intro" to the game. Kobe gets us off to a hot start!

Join us on Twitter @RElegance search for #GameOfSlaves and of course see everything right here on too!

All our stories are shot on a professional set with proper regard for the health and safety of all performers and crew. Photo and video stories shot with gags use gag safety procedures to ensure the model’s comfort, safety and consent on set.

Production: Hywel

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