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Oink As You Go Into Debt – An ASMR Findom Experience

Hyp n0 Domme McKenzie Alex is back by popular demand! I have gotten soooo many requests for her. If you haven’t heard her yet, buy this clip or one of her others and you are in for a real treat! You will LOVE her silky voice as it melts your mind! Findom and ASMR is the perfect combination, they both make you twitch and throb. This will be an intense ASMR experience.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. This feeling is caused by whispering and gentle sounds causing what some call a brain-gasm. It triggers intense feelings of relaxation combined with spine tingling sensations. ASMR will cause you to enter deep states of subspace.

Look at you, that drooling, hungry blank stare on your face as you stare at your computer. Placed in the exact position that I left you in. On your knees at your computer, staring blankly. I left you there for a bit and told you to just wait. How long or why? You don’t need an answer to those questions. I do it simply because I can. Power and control. And for you, nothing but servitude, acceptance and resignation.

You remain there because you must. You kneel on the floor where you belong, anticipating what will come next. Helpless. Because you are mine. And now I get to take my favorite part of you. I want your cash and I don’t have to lift a finger, because you’re already there waiting for it. I know you have money in the bank, but I have something better in mind. I want you to feel the pain of being my pig every single day. I want it to get worse.

It’s time to take out a loan and that money will go right into my pocket while you pay it off month by month. You will see it and feel it over and over again. It will haunt you. You will slave away to pay it back with interests as I lay back and take it. I don’t work for money, pigs work for money. Every day you get up and toil for me. I simply program you. I love watching the money come in from my programming. I love obedience.

Fill out the information on the loan. It’s so easy to input. And if you get nervous, I know how you can release the nerves. Oink. Nice and load. Oink for me. Don’t you feel the tension melting away. Squeal my little piggy. You belong to me, my pay piggy. And you love it, there’s nothing you could do about it even if you wanted to.

Now for the fun part, enter your banking information, enter every last detail. Let them know who’s about to go into debt deeply for its owner. You. I hear you oinking piggy. Maybe it’s because the biggest part is coming up. Once it’s in there that’s when I take over. Are you ready to give up control of your computer and finances? Are you ready to give up everything you’ve got to be mine? Good. Keep staring at that screen. Is all the data in there? Good boy. Are you ready for the risk, for the rewards? Squeal for me.

You’re going to let me into your computer and you’re going to see me taking control of it, moving your mouse before your eyes. Silly little helpless piggy, totally out of control, ready for me to take out as much as I like. Put you into serious debt. Entering the amount that I want to take from you right in front of your eyes. Oh my god it’s so much. But it doesn’t fucking matter. You don’t have control and you don’t want it. You need to be ruined for me. You’ll give up everything to be my good little pay piggy. I think I’m going to increase it just a bit more, just because I can. You’re already in debt so what’s a little more? Now I’m going to let you grab hold of your mouse and I want you to click. Click, click, click. Click knowing that you’re going into debt for me. Oink piggy as I press your finger down on the mouse. You stupid mindless piggy. You’re fucked now. Ruined, all for me.

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