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Oct 18, 2013 | Cici Rhodes | Matt Williams

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Tall sexy MILF bound is custom metal and leather bondage. Takes huge bl cock, brutal deep throating!

Welcome CiCi Rhodes to Sexually Broken. This hot MILF puts most other stars to shame in the manner in which she fucks. She Deep Throats with the best of them, she takes huge cock, she can handle the hard bondage and rough sex, and truly enjoys every second. This is one girl that does not do it for the money, she does it because she loves it.

We have CiCi trapped in a custom made metal and leather bondage device. Our new Prototype Blindfold designed by our own Cyd Black is securely in place. CiCi’s sexy ass sticks out and her tight gag is causing her to drool. She is completely helpless, a couple of holes for use to use and abuse.

We don’t waste anyones time. 10 inches of thunderous hard cock settles in behind CiCi’s hot ass, and with a couple of good thrusts someone’s Mom is moaning like a common slut. The gag muffles some of the sound, but the drooling intensifies as puddles of spit drip down CiCi’s helpless face. CiCi’s cums early and often. The gag is replaced by another hard cock, and now CiCi, is getting deeply fucked from both ends without mercy. We use CiCi’s throat like a pussy, fucking it balls deep over and over. CiCi is in a world most never experience, Cumming over and over, while struggling for air every second.

Back and forth the cocks move, taking turns making CiCi cum. It’s rough pounding sex at it’s finest and CiCi is completely overwhelmed. In the end 10 inch of black cock slide balls deep down CiCi’s pretty throat as a vibrato make her brutally cum over and over. In the end CiCi is dripping some form of liquid from each hole, as her hard deep breathing, reminds her she is deep in subspace, wondering if she will ever finds the exit back to the normal world…
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