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naturestwisted: Daddie Shrunk – Shrinking Fetish

come home talking to my boyfriend on the phone.. he had a rough day. I invite him over for a much needed pick me up. I also tell him to pick up a mouse trap on the way. I’ve been hearing this little squeak squeak I think we have a mouse in the house & my dad wont be home till late tonight. I hang up & start to get ready for my company.. then all of a sudden I hear yet again & realize that it’s my fucking dad! Right there on top of my dirty laundry that I damn near hit him with. What was he even thinking!?! He got so turned on by going threw my dirty panties he shrunk so tiny. You’ll never be a real man at that size I thought. What if he stays tiny forever? I could hide him away when my boyfriend gets here? Ugh what do I do?!?!?? Dad turns out to be a real perv he stays tiny.. long story he got lost in my pubes right as my boyfriend pulled in guess youll have to stay like that now. Worried about my dad.. I greet my non existing boyfriend.. seduce him & make him cum BUT HE CAME INSIDE ME!!! I rushed him out with a bullshit excuse of my dad leaving work & his on his way home right now. Worried about dad.. I search for him only to find him loving life rolling around in cum..

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