As she has to go to do some shopping, mistress orders her slave to make sure she cleans the dungeon for her coming back. On arriving back, mistress is greeted with a horrible mess. The stupid slave has spilled a basket of dirty water all over the floor. This makes Mistress Gaia very angry. She tells the slave that she must be punished, and will experience great suffering. The slave apologizes and begs her mistress for forgiveness. Not today… The slave is spanked, and then forced to lie down on the table. Her hands and feet are then bound, then she is tightly wrapped in clingfilm followed by pvc tape. Her ass has been left bare so that mistress can abuse her slut. It’s time to begin, and mistress spreads her slaves ass and begins to poke and tickle her. The slave struggles and starts to squeal. She’s making too much noise, so a ballgag is placed tightly around her mouth, and her eyes are covered with a eye mask. Mush better now, only muted groans will be heard from the slave. Time to move to the slaves feet. A mush more sensitive area, as mistress binds her slave big toes together. She then gets some oil and pours it onto her slaves feet, and begins to tickle them with her long nails. As you continue, the slave squirms and tries to avoid your tickling. However, there no escape, and you decide to intensify the tickling. You get a electric toothbrush and use it to tickle torture your bitch making her suffer even more as you move from toe to toe of both feet. Finally, you decide she has had enough tickling for now. You untie her and remove her from the table. She thinks her punishment is over. Not so… You take her to the medical examination bed and puting her feet in the stirrups, you tightly bind her hands and feet to the bed. With her pussy and ass now fully exposed, you tell her she is going to suffer a lot more when you return…

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