Mar 26, 2013 – DragonLily,Syd Blakovich and Mistress Kara

Format: WMV
Duration: 22 Minutes
Size: 812 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Isamar and Kara are bitter rivals. The are both use to being on top and winning but when they clash on the mat at US there can only be one dominant wrestle. Anal virginity is on the line for this match. Both wrestlers are confident that they will lead their team to victory; they are putting their money where their virginity is. They stay in for almost half of this first round before either uses a tag. Was it mutual despise for each other that kept them in? was it that they didn’t trust their team mate to be able to handle business on the mat? or was it that they really have big girl boners for each other and can’t get enough of each other so they forget anyone was in the room and had a little almost violent romance on the mat? I’ll let you decide but this can not go without saying. This is a must see!!

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