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Mar 13, 2013 – Venus Lux and Alex Adams + 99 Pictures

Format: MP4
Duration: 35 Minutes
Size: 443 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Venus is a man eater! This update has one of the biggest cum shots ever filmed on the site as Venus dumbs a load so big it goes all over his face, mouth and hair!
Venus devours her body guard in this electric scene chalk full of sexual tension right from the start as they rip each other’s clothes off and Venus slurps down Alex’s thick cock until he nearly explodes in her mouth. Not yet – she has other plans – revealing her hard dick he stares in awe and fear.

She tops him, fucking him and milking a nice load from him while he rides her cock in cowgirl. Venus flips him over, nearly busting in his ass, pulls out and EXPLODES on his face. Alex is so turned on by this, he cums again – something he is rarely capable of doing. A tremendous update of rock em sock em fucking!
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