Layla Moore – Smothered by 6 Hands and coerced to CUM

Jerry is slapped back to reality, only to realize that he has been restrained to a wall in an unfamiliar place, with 3 crazy looking women surrounding him. The biggest one who seems like the leader, Layla is tugging at his cock, making it become erect no matter how terrified he is to his surroundings! She keeps stroking him until he is nice and hard. The other angry women, Mina and Sherry, take turns smothering him out with their bare hands, pinching his nose, totally eliminating any oxygen he might try and breathe!! These crazy ladies are intent on ruining his life, and letting him know just how they will do it! They keep him nearly in a twilight state, groggy and barely able to support his own weight, while they continue to stroke his cock and massage his balls, to make sure he gives them all the sperm they will need to ruin him! Jerry begs for mercy, while his captors demand his CUM! Soon, they reveal that they will be planting his “evidence” up the road, and right where the cops will find it! He tries to fight it, but eventually all of the smothering and stimulation gets the best of him and he blows a huge load right in Layla’s waiting hands! Leaving him slumped over against the wall, the ladies hoot and howl at their evil deed and rush to finish their plan to destroy Jerry’s life!! What a bad trip to wake up to!!!

Download file – 652.1 MB

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