Kates Palace – The Initiation 2

How does it feel to be LARA’S new toy? THE LADY’S not complaining. So now it’s time to really put slavey to the test. Let’s see…Shall SHE bind HER little plaything spread-eagled on the floor and use him as HER ashtray and personal lick slave. You don’t mind, do you? Wouldn’t do you a bit of good if you did. With all that sadistic charm to deploy, you’d be amazed how easily SHE’LL teach you to love your new status: a helpless personal slave to your – not to mention HER – lusts. You won’t worry too much about all your homework after LADY LARA starts showering it – and you – with HER hot, tasty juices. So freshly pressed! If you please HER with your progress, SHE might even instruct you in the slave’s art of bringing HER to the highest level of oral contentment. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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