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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS Alana Cruise & Lexi Foxy: Taboo Torment

The good lord works in mysterious ways. He saw fit to put Lexi and Alana at OT’s door. The sisters are good god fearing women there to preach to anyone who will listen. OT doesn’t really listen as much as he pervs on them. He’s intrigued by their story.

Lexi wants to pray. OT sees his chance. He brings out his “religious equipment”. He helps Lexi and Alana into it. They find out that they are very much stuck. Then OT explores their family dynamic. How close are they? What are they willing to lose?

Once stripped bare their faith is put to the test. “Where’s your god now?” Alana screams at Lexi.

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Duration: 00:48:29
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