Humiliation POV Princess Kelly Sunshine: You’re A Useless Humiliation Pay Junkie Who Means Nothing To Me

Description: Princess Kelly Sunshine

You know you’re pathetic. You must know that otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site. You’re addicted to being humiliated by women who are so far out of your league. But do you really know just how pathetic you’ve become? You listen to me tell you that you’re a loser, that you’re a nobody, that I hate your guts, but have you really stopped to think about what makes you such a loser? I’d be happy to tell you! LOL! In fact I get great pleasure in telling you all the reasons why you are nothing and I am everything. All the reasons why I am so much fucking better than you.

Format: MP4
Duration: 6 Min
Size: 206 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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