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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: Cosplay Platonic Friend CEI Before The Con ($9.99 Clips4sale)

Alright before we head out into the convention, you need to promise me you’re not going to start popping boners all over the convention floor, got it? Last time was very embarrassing for me. I know that there are a lot of hot girls dressed in very sexy costumes of characters that you lust after. Anyway we’re not having a repeat of what happened last time, understood? And to ensure that, maybe you need to get it out of your system before we leave. That means jerking off right here, right now, and then we can just go have a fun time, ok?

We have an interesting friendship and I don’t mind helping you with these kinds of things. But sometimes your perversions do get in the way. But not today, I just want to have fun at the convention without you being such a perv. So if you wanna come with me, you’re going to cum with me right now. I see you’re already hard and horny, it doesn’t take much does it? You love Bulma, don’t you? I didn’t do this for you but it did end up working out. So go head, touch it so we can drain your balls lol. Do it, jerk it off for me. I’ll let you look but you cannot touch, we do not have that kind of friendship now do we?

But you have seen me naked, you’ve helped me with my costumes. So here, I’ll take my tits our for you to jerk to. I know that will turn you on. You are going to jerk off for me, you are going to cum right now in my room before we head over to the convention hall. You’re going to jerk yourself silly and squeeze out every drop and then hopefully you won’t be a horny perv and embarrass me again.

Oh and I don’t want you cumming anywhere in this room. You need to eat it. You need swallow it so it doesn’t end up in a tissue somewhere and I accidentally end up picking it up because that’s disgusting. Are you ready to eat it for me? There’s no arguing about this, you’re going to swallow down your entire load. And you’re lucky that I’m assisting you at all and preventing you from embarrassing yourself. Jerk it to your friend’s big titties lol. You’re going to slurp it down for me, aren’t you? Doesn’t it feel good to jerk off to me like this? Has a woman ever encouraged you like this?

Oh you wanna see my ass? Of course you do, perv. My tits aren’t enough? You need to see my panties, don’t you? Well here you go, jerk it to my panties my perverted little friend. Jerk it to my ass and pussy as I shake it in front of you. Here let me pull down my panties, that should really get you going. And don’t you dare touch me! But you can look and you can jerk. I see how hard my naked ass and pussy are making you. You’re jerking so fast now. God, cosplay girls make your penis so very hard.

You’re going to cum soon, aren’t you? You’re going to do it right in your palm so you can lick it up. I want you to cum for me right now. Cum right into your hand, yes, just like that. Good boy. Now, don’t hesitate, get it down. Eat your jizz right now. Good! LOL! I wouldn’t want that anywhere in my room lol. Your tummy is the only place where you cum belongs. LOL! Now go wash up and put on your costume and let’s go. Make sure you have your pass lol.

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