Tickle Central: Catwoman In Control

Catwoman has Poison Ivy at her mercy and that’s something Ivy will not be receiving……mercy! It seems both of these evil ladies have the same idea of creating a villianess army by converting all the superheroines over to the evil side and using them to take over the city. Catwoman wants Ivy to stop going after her prey. Ivy believes that she has every right to do what she’s doing and won’t relent so Catwoman has no choice but to persuade her otherwise!


Catwoman is relentless and torturous with her evil sexy grin and torturous demeanor. Ivy is at the end of her rope but still hanging on.


Ivy is ready to crack so she suggests that they combine their powers. She tells Catwoman that if she’ll just take a lick of her sole she’ll feel Ivy’s power flow into her making her even stronger. Ivy proposes that if they do this act to each other they’ll transfer the full powers of each other to make them both super powerful. Catwoman bites but before releasing her a good hard foot tickling to remind Ivy of what Catwoman can do if things go awry!
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Borderland Bound: Tlula, Chloe & Lacey in: Unlucky Spy Babe Interrupts a Robbery Going Down in the Very Next Room – So She’s Bound & Gagged Too! (Full Clip) (WMV)

packagings, as always…

It sure is an interesting night at the Octavia Lentil Buildings in downtown LemSip. The building is being used to store rare archaeological finds and also a ton of cash as local business tycoons take advantage of the place’s secondary function of having a vault. But, all is not as it seems, and the owner of the Lentil Buildings, Brian ‘DontForgetToFlossAsWell’ Lentil, has much to hide. In fact, his nefarious subterranean business dealings have recently resulted in a number of disappearances of rival dubious entrepreneurs. There’s a very hot spy girl named Tlula who has been called in to investigate. It’s all gone so frightfully international, you see; with one of the missing being a Chinese trader involved in a noteworthy espionage case. Hence the lovely T’s involvement here.

The ravishing woman, in a skin tight micro skirt and turtle neck with sexy wide buckle-belt and sleek black heels, enters the building clandestinely and immediately starts looking though some files, for clues, don’t you know… But here comes the real whammy! The building is also being targeted by a burglary team, intent on heisting out all of those rare finds and also loaded for a little vault breaking to boot! There are a couple of feisty blonde secretaries working late in the treasury who need taking care of, and they are just about to get in there and tie them up when they notice the hot spy lady sneaking about. Its while she is bent over, showing us a lot of hot rump and red knicker that she herself is sneaked up upon. With a persuader jammed into her back, it’s game over for HER for the time being!

With the struggling, enraged at having been so easily overtaken spy girl heavily bound and gagged with silver tape on the floor (her big boobs are groped through her tight top, to further demean her) the crook leaves her where he has found her. She’ll do in here, good and secure, while another member of the gang incapacitates the pair of pretty young secretaries next door! For now, we are left with the straining, gag fuming Tlula, writing around all over the place, shaking that amazing arse and booting chairs around in frustration. It’s sheer brilliance. Especially when she gets her heel-clad feet and legs up on a desk looking perhaps to topple a lamp over and maybe burn through the tape with the bulb? Uh, yeah, good luck with that, you silly tart…

Meanwhile, with this amazing lady squirming and wincing at how tightly her face is fucked over with that stuffed up wrap gag stifling her, next door another similar outrage against the lovely and the beautiful is going down! Bored babes Chloe and Lacey are working late and don’t know that all of the security guards have been locked in a deep freeze. It’s just them, and the bound up package struggling passionately next door, in this part of the building! With the girls neutralised, there shall be nobody left to bother the burglars as they go about their naughty business!

In now leaps a clown-masked raider who immediately binds up the sass-talking (until they are viciously cloth stuffed and wrap-swamped) beauties. While he trusses their hands and feet, they evidently annoy him with their mouths, and he swiftly remedies this. With the babes clearly face-aching from all of that insanity, he packages them just the way his pal did the captive meddler next door and leaves them restrained to perfection in their swivel chairs, locking them inside.

Chloe and Lacey are just amazing here, aggressively rivalling the sheer hotness of the bound Tlula, as they shuffle about all taped up to their seats and constantly attempt to communicate. The more they do it through their huge gags, the more incredible this scene becomes. The tape won’t budge, of course, and they are totally unable to get anywhere near the alarms and can but struggle, strain and emote through their muzzles while the building is systematically cleansed of valuables. They believe the crooks know the codes to the vault too. Must be some kind of inside job! But maybe they’ll get to commune over that later. For now, they, like the gorgeous spy lady next door, are doomed to shake, rattle and roll, helplessly and extremely gagged and tied captives, unable to do a damned thing about what is now happening to them! Oh and by the way, that dress, Chloe! Meeeeeaaaaoooowwww!
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Primal Fetish: Iron Hawk’s Fatal Encounter with Radioactive Girl MP4 Optimum

Iron Hawk is invulnerable and totally confident as she confronts Radioactive girl in her hideout. But, of course Radioactive Girl lets on that it is a trap, and insults Iron Hawk by being very condescending….

Iron Hawk finds herself outmatched and RG keeps up the insults as she destroys the ever weakening heroine. She uses her nuclear power touch on the invulnerable superheriones most sensitive spot, causing agony and ecstasy at the same time. Then she moves in and gives Iron Hawk a heavy dose of radiation poisoning

Now Iron Hawk is restrained in RG’s lab where she is going to have the unique energy that makes her special drained. Since Iron Hawk is invulnerable RG is once more going to take advantage of the superheroines only vulnerable place. Iron Hawk is too weak to fight it, and she tries to hold onto her energy, knowing that once it is gone she won’t be special anymore, but, whenever the thrusting brings her to orgasm she can’t hold back and more of her energy is drained

Iron Hawk gets weaker and weaker, and after RG checks the limp superheroine’s pulse it isn’t clear if losing her powers was more than she could survive.
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Kendra James Super Heroine World: Kendra James Catwoman caught in the act! HD

Catwoman is just about to make her escape after acquiring some exquisite pearls when she is abruptly interrupted by the cute but bothersome detective. Annoyed that the cop got the drop on her the fiendish cat burglar drops the precious necklace she bends over to retrieve them knowing that the detectives stare is focused squarely on her beautiful round ass. Being ever the opportunist Catwoman sees her angle to possibly strike a deal with the amorous detective. She slowly gives her captive a one on one very erotic eye full. She swings her plump ass back and forth like a magician’s mesmerizing, watch slowly bringing the detective under her womanly spell. Her voice slinks into his ear as she edges him along bringing him to a rock hard boner. Impressed by what he is packing and not talking about his the purrfect villain walks the overly aroused dick into and very satisfying jerk off session. With ever word and twist, she brings him closer to orgasm until finally like a big black bomb with bomb written across it, he explodes in an extremely satisfying orgasm. Seeing as he has gotten off Catwoman tells him she should get off or maybe they can both explain to the commissioner how his pants got covered in his own fresh hot load!

Kendra James, Catwoman, Tease and denial, brat girl, jerk off instruction, joi, masturbation instruction, teasing, sexy ass, pussy control, masturbation encouragement, cum on command, dominant princess
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Crudelis Amator Ballbusting Fetish: That’s What Happens When You Perv On Queen Asia Perez

If you want to piss Queen Asia Perez off, try grabbing her ass in the middle of the FetishCon floor. That is for sure going to cause you to receive several kicks between your legs. This slave did just that and his balls are about to be destroyed by Queen Asia’s hot and strong legs. See those spikes on the back of her boots? Oh yeah those will be making some good contact on those balls too. Can we say slice and dice?
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Sweet Femdom: Seductress Enslaves Superman FULL

Superman has tracked a mysterious new villainess, “The Seductress,” to her evil lair. She is waiting for him, relaxing in her fishnets, high cut latex leotard and heels. She taunts him and laughs when he demands for her to tell him what she done with Wonder Woman…

Superman man-handles her for a little bit, but is surprised when she easily casts a spell… He doesn’t understand… his cock and balls are suddenly trapped in a steel device which is squeezing them, and the Seductress simply laughs and teases him.

“Awe, do your super balls hurt…”

“You know that hornier you get, the more it’s going to hurt…”

Superman tries to remain stoic, but she casts another spell which immediately causes him to desperately worship her amazing body. His cock rages in it’s steel trap which causes the steel to squeeze and pull on his balls, but no matter how much it hurts he is entranced. He cannot stop worshipping her ass, and sucking on her big perfect tits.

She straddles him, squeezes his balls, grinds on him, and laughs at his torment.

“I’ll be right back Superman. I have another surprise for you…” She says as she struts away from his twitching, aching cock and balls in their cage…
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Anastasia Pierce-Fetish Super-Heros: Anastasia Pierce & Angela Sommers – Scarlet Witch vs Ms Marvel / Freeleech!

Miss Marvel and Scarlet Witch are good friend and both part of the Avengers. After a few exhausting missions, Wanda aka Scarlet Witch visit her close friend Carol aka Ms Marvel in her beautiful summer retreat.

The two are VERY CLOSE and share more than a friendship. After a fast drive in her mustang, Scarlet Wtich arrives at Ms Marvel’s house. She finds her by the pool, lounging and tanning her beautiful tight body.The two catch up and soon Scarlet Witch worries are far gone after the two engage in some HOT and Sexy girl-girl, scissoring, oral on each other and fingering

Completely satisfied by the orgasms they start to catch up. Scarlet Witch brings up how upset she is at SpiderWoman for taking a contract to bring her in jail and how a friend should never betray another friend (See episode: Scarlet Witch VS SpiderWoman). Ms Marvel sees it differently and very soon the argument turns into a cat fight! That’s when things take a turn for the worse, both super heroines will have a chance to prove who is more powerful.

Synopsis: It’s a FANTASTIC EPISODE. This is the BEST super heroine adventure shot by Anastasia to date. 100% shot outdoors. It’s also the introduction of Angela Sommers as Ms Marvel. A perfect FIT for the super heroine character.

Includes: Angela Sommers aka Miss Marvel, Anastasia Pierce aka Scarlet Witch, bondage, damsel in distress, SHIP, peril, girl-girl, fingering, oral, trib, scissoring, pool, car drive, bondage, captive in car in bondage, amazing and authentic super-heroine costumes, 100% outdoor, cosplay, fighting, mind control, reality alteration, hand over mouth, chaos magic, super-heroine, super-villain, female domination, oil, flogging, orgasms, ball gag, hogtie, natural big boobs, parody, pool, desert, peril, abandoned!
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Mistress – T: FemDom AI Robot Virtual Fuck

Behold the latest in artificial intelligence technology! A ‘robot’ created with such perfection you are helpless to resist. Seductively Dominant, so life-like you would never be able to tell the difference…& dangerously intelligent. You will find that she can literally read your mind & give you just what you secretly crave. The feeling of her pussy around your cock as she milks you will feel like nothing you’ve every experienced. So go ahead, allow yourself this experience, already your curiosity is over-powering you…
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Fetish Dreams By Safa: Safa Ward & Daphne Colette – THUNDER KITTIES

The vicious Atomic man has a plan.. Nothing more, nothing less than possessing and eventually destroying Planet Earth… Also, he has a very well hidden secret that makes him so amazingly strong: his magic ring. Noone seems willing and definitely able to stop this mad creature from rolling out his evil plans… He is already in his Lab working on the last details when … two stunningly sexy kitties enter his door… The Thunder Kitties! These two breathtaking Kitties are there for a reason; to stop the twisted Atomic man before its too late for the mankind. On the other hand, the Atomic man knows very well that these sirens are noticeably dangerous; Charms and strength is the combination… A strength and seduction battle takes place in front of our eyes… These two “Kitties fatale” know how to fight and seduce a man – without a doubt. They are devoted to join forces and fight the Atomic man until the moment that his magic ring will be theirs…and eventually the planet Earth will be safe… Definitely, though, the Atomic man is Evil and so far away of being considered naïve… He knows these female seduction games but…will he able to really resist? These two super playful kitties are really as sexy as it may takes… Dangerously sexy, remarkably strong… lets wait to see…
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Mistress – T: Milked Drained Used

Mistress - T: Milked Drained Used

Treated like beasts, only useful for their seed, milked until they’re used up & then discarded. In a world where men only have worth as long as they are producing what we need…the milk that makes our female species stronger.
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