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Humiliation POV Goddess Alessa: This Isn’t Blackmail-Fantasy, This Is VERY Real, You Stupid Junkie ($12.99 Clips4sale)

Goddess Alessa!

I am in one of those ruin your life type of moods. And we both know why you’re here today. We know why you chose this clip. You’re a blackmail-fantasy junkie. And we’re going to get deep into it. So take your cock out and start pumping it for me. I want you really horny for me because today you’ll be sending more information than you ever have before. Are you nervous? Or are you excited? Or maybe terrified? LOL! Good! Keep jerking that cock and while you do I want you to truly understand that sending me all of your information and all of those embarrassing pictures will bind you to me for life. Once you do it, there’s no going back. Your entire life will be in my hands.

That means I could ruin you with the click of a button. That is, if you misbehave lol. Look at you, look how horny and eager you are. As soon as your hand starts working up and down your cock, you completely lose any ability to think clearly or rationally. You get so stupid for me when you’re stroking and horny and you become susceptible to whatever it is that I demand. The risk, the danger, the consequences… that is what gets your dick hard. Lol! You need this to get off. The threat of being outed to everyone you know, it’s exciting. It’s a rush like nothing else. You’re such a weak little blackmail-fantasy junkie aren’t you? You need your fix.

Pump your cock and think about the ways I could ruin your life. You want to be dragged down to the point of no return. So it’s going to be so effortless getting your compromising information when you’re this horny lol. You are weak and helpless and only able to think with your cock. You want this to be real and unending. You want this to be permanent. You want me calling you when you’re at work, demanding a tribute in return for my silence lol.

So let’s begin, open up your email and type in my email address. (email given in clip.) Now write out your full name. And hit send. That was easy, wasn’t it? Lol. A nice little warm up for your cock. Keep stroking and open up another email. This time I want your phone number and address. It’s starting to get more real now, isn’t it slut? No turning back now. Click send and stroke faster. Now stare at me. Drool over my body and know that you’re now bound to me for the rest of your life, you’re completely fucked. Now stop jerking. Lol! The only way you can stroke again is if you send me all of your social media along with your logins lol. I want it all. Type it all in, you wanna stroke again, don’t you? LOL look how fast you’re scrambling to get it done! You are pathetic.

Now once you send it, you can put your hand back on your greedy cock. You know the more detailed and personal the information is, the more dangerous it gets, and the harder your cock will get. It will start twitching and throbbing. So milk that cock for me, slut. Now you know, keeping all of this to myself is going to cost you. A lot. Now open up another email and type in where you work along with your boss’s phone number and email. And if you have a wife or a gf, I want all of her information as well lol. Now send it over to me. That got your cock’s attention, didn’t it? Lol! Now you know I could message any of them at any time and tell them all about your dirty little habits lol.

I could ruin you if I wanted to. I could wreck your career and your relationship. But we’re not finished yet. No, no, no. Open another email and now you’re going to send me compromising photos and videos of you lol. I want them to be Very embarrassing lol! Now upload them and stroke your cock faster and faster as you hit send lol. You’re really fucked now, aren’t you idiot? You will spend all day ever day so terrified, so horny, knowing that I could ruin your life at any moment. I could post those pictures all over my twitter. How hot is that? Lol. I own you now. You’re going to start getting messages from me at work and at home, telling you to pay or I’ll send those videos to your wife or boss, or maybe I’ll post them on Your social media lol!

Maybe you’ll be with your wife at the dinner table and you’ll get a call from me lol! And then you’ll have to run to the bathroom to pay me because you’re only going to have 3 minutes. And you better do as you’re told, remember I have her number lol. You don’t want her finding out, now do you? Every time you hear your phone it’s going to mess with your head. Every notification you get from now on will be a trigger for your horny, greedy cock. I have all of your information and there’s nothing you can do about it, except paying me of course lol. It feels good knowing there’s no way out, doesn’t it? The more the reality sets in for you, the more helpless you feel and the hornier you seem to get. You’re just a horny little blackmail-fantasy junkie. This will be a rush like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You’re so fucked. I love toying with stupid blackmail-fantasy junkies.

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