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Harmony Concepts: The Persistent Pantyhose Perpetrator

For all who didn’t get enough gorgeous pantyhose and stocking bondage from the last SFC video (like me!), here’s plenty more sexy hosiery on super sexy bondagettes! It’s an “OK” series video, so I also throw in high heels and lots of bonds and gags on Harmony’s most leggy supermodels, to feed our leg-loving fantasies! The main story finds Karina, Autumn and Carolyn at the mercy of the “Pantyhose Perpetrator”: the first pair get bound in hogties, a fold-tie and frog-tie, while Carolyn is stringently gagged and chair-tied. Sass and Amber S. also get tied while wearing pantyhose, and struggle to hop around in their bonds! Angelique and Zana are tightly hogtied, coincidentally (hee-hee) wearing stockings and pantyhose. Tanya struggles well while in her bound predicament, and Julie subjects Alexis to an extremely tight and unique chest harness tie. I’d bet the bondage ranch you’ll enjoy number 49—ten luscious lasses in a tantalizing preamble to milestone OK50!
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