Goddess Madam Violet – Cum HARD I Want It ALL Mindfuck

This contains real mind-fucking under the influence of hipn0sis, proceed at your own risk,

My beauty, grace, and honeyed English tones naturally mesmerising, the imbedded commands irresistible. That pink pussy in your mind swells, and spreads, and begins to drip, wider with every number. A deeply arousing metaphor guaranteed to have your pussy-mind DEEP down and nothing but a pulsing, aching black hole ready to be fucked so HARD.

You can never get enough of this, I understand I am the same. More and more is never enough. We both want the same things, and you are going to give it to U/us, you are going to give U/us aaaallllll of it, every last drop because your insatiable pussy-mind is a whore for My words a filthy slut for My power.

I encourage you to STROKE your dick because I want ALL of your CUM. I want to DRAIN your balls, leaving nothing left, I WANT it, I will TAKE it. Using your cock as My tool it is easy to get you to GIVE ME your hipn0tically binding promise that you will give Me ALL of IT.

In the moments before blowing a MASSIVE load of hot, submissive CUM when your PULSING pussy-mind WIDE open I slide in deep and FUCK you HARD, you WILL give Me ALL of it slave, in a way you never expected . I leave a cock-curse in place as a fail-safe and then I COMMAND you to give Me every last drop of CUM in your body.

Contains: hipn0sis, manipulation, mind-fuck, brainwashing, financial domination, female domination, mental domination, hipn0tic metaphor, imbedded commands, masturbation encouragement, cock-curse fail safe : )

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