Goddess Footjobs – Helena Price – 10 Minutes to Cum Stepson

You arrived home late and mommy is waiting. She’s determined to get your daily milking completed before your father gets home. Step mom Helena Price knows what makes your heart beat faster so she wraps those strong, sexy MILF feet around your cock and begins pumping. You’ve only got about ten minutes to finish before dad arrives. You hate watching the clock because Helena strokes you so good, but if you can’t cum in less than ten minutes then you’ll be stuck without a climax. Step mom is doing her thing and if you can’t reach the finish line it won’t be her fault. You love the way she squeezes it. You can feel the rough skin on the balls of her feet and the tingling sensation when her toes brush across your sensitive head. The clock is ticking buddy. The visual splendor of watching those skilled feet work your tool is the final piece you need. You blow your wad for mommy. You’re such a good boy.

Download file – 258.5 MB

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