Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Time to Tease

Model: Goddess Brianna

It’s time for teasing with Goddess Brianna. She knows what’s going through your head, you foot slut. You’re hard already as she starts talking about putting her delicious feet in your mouth. Just thinking about her soft soles against your face makes you weak to her foot domination. Your foot fetish makes you a willing slave to her yummy toes, and you can’t help getting an erection smelling her feet. She instructs you to sniff her feet, and your obedience pleases her. She brings you closer to press those soles on your face and wiggles her toes against your forehead. She can tell how excited you are, and begins jerk off instruction. Telling you to keep that slutty tongue in your mouth, she rubs your lips with her toes as you stroke your cock as she demands. Stick your tongue out, slave. Now she’s rubbing her soles on your tongue. She sticks her foot in your open mouth, deeper and deeper, twisting as she tells you to keep stroking. Wiggling her toes, she tells you to cum for her with those toes deep in her mouth, and you spill for your Goddess tasting those amazing feet. You’re such a good foot bitch!

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