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Jerk Off To My Feet – Jericha Jem – I Don’t Kiss on the First Date

Jericha Jem doesn’t kiss on the first date, but she’s noticed your long, lingering stares at her small feet and how many times you’ve complimented her tall, sexy, suede heels. Jericha has figured out your secret foot fetish–and she loves it. She invites you to kiss her soft, wrinkled soles and wrap your mouth around her pink toes. Your date is so turned on by your foot worship that she wants you to stroke your cock as you touch her feet. Won’t you please cum for her, letting her feel your warm, slick load drip in between her girly toes?
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Lola – Caged For The Night POV

Aren’t you a lucky foot slave, getting to spend the night worshipping the young and gorgeous Lola Fae? Lola is generous enough to share her presence with you all night. You won’t be sharing her bed or even her couch–a perverted footslut like you isn’t worthy of any furniture. That’s why you’ll be stuck in this dog cage tonight, trapped and helpless, as Lola teases you with her soft, perfect feet pressed against the cold, metal bars. You can see Lola’s lingerie peeking out from under her robe–you can even smell her scent–but this Goddess has strict rules for you: no touching her smooth, porcelain skin and no touching your own cock! If she has to get the chastity belt for you, you’ll be in big trouble! On the other hand, if you’re a very good boy, Lola Fae will open your cage in the morning, after she’s gone for her morning run, and give you the special privilege of sniffing her dirty, sweaty gym socks.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Lola – I See You Like Feet

You find our student waiting for you in your classroom, sitting at your desk and looking through your computer. She’s seen something you didn’t want anyone to find–your foot fetish porn. Naughty teen Lola wants to know if you’ve ever noticed her feet from belong her desk. Surely you’ve noticed cute, little feet as perfect as hers. You’ve stroked your cock so many times and cum to the thought of your student’s soft feet wrapped tightly around you, milking you with her arches. Just as you’ve dreamed, Lola spreads her legs from atop your desk, takes off her heels one by one, and offers her feet to her professor. You suck and lick on her delicious toes and run your mouth up her tender soles. Just then, she whips out her cameraphone and steals a photo of you with her feet in your mouth, right there in your classroom. You’ll need to do anything and everything she asks or she’ll go straight to the Dean with her evidence of your perversion.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Lola – Clean My Used Stockings

Lola has you at her feet, right where you belong. She knows exactly how much of a stockings slut you are in secret. I bet you would do anything for just a taste of the sheer, black stockings she wears during her private sessions. Her thigh high stockings have been thoroughly used today. Not only are they drenched in her sweat from a long day of slave training, Lola’s had each and every one of her footslaves before you jerk off their cocks with her feet and spill their cum on her silky stockings. You watch as she peels them off of her long, creamy thighs and down her slender calves until her bare feet are right before your eyes. You can worship her feet, but first open your mouth wide and take both of Lola’s used, filthy stockings into your slut mouth. How does all the built up cum and sweat from dirty stockings taste on your tongue? Good enough to make your cock hard? You’ll keep those worn stockings in your mouth as she wipes her grimy feet on your face and demands that you take care of your hard-on… right now!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Time to Tease

Model: Goddess Brianna

It’s time for teasing with Goddess Brianna. She knows what’s going through your head, you foot slut. You’re hard already as she starts talking about putting her delicious feet in your mouth. Just thinking about her soft soles against your face makes you weak to her foot domination. Your foot fetish makes you a willing slave to her yummy toes, and you can’t help getting an erection smelling her feet. She instructs you to sniff her feet, and your obedience pleases her. She brings you closer to press those soles on your face and wiggles her toes against your forehead. She can tell how excited you are, and begins jerk off instruction. Telling you to keep that slutty tongue in your mouth, she rubs your lips with her toes as you stroke your cock as she demands. Stick your tongue out, slave. Now she’s rubbing her soles on your tongue. She sticks her foot in your open mouth, deeper and deeper, twisting as she tells you to keep stroking. Wiggling her toes, she tells you to cum for her with those toes deep in her mouth, and you spill for your Goddess tasting those amazing feet. You’re such a good foot bitch!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Foot Slave Nightly

Goddess Sierra Nicole is getting ready for bedtime, and she needs you to clean and worship her feet before she can sleep peacefully. She tells you to come close, and promises that if you lick her feet properly, tomorrow, you might get a release from your chastity! She informs you that she wants both feet sparkling clean, teasing you with the key to your cock cage in her hands. Swinging the keys in your face, she tells you that you’re slacking, and instructs you to stay focused. You’re doing a good job now, and she praises you for it. You must really want a chance to cum tomorrow, slave. Be a good foot slut, and suck on her toes before she goes to bed. Otherwise, you might stay on dick lockdown for even longer. When she’s had enough, she sends you lay at the foot of her bed, telling you that you did a great job. If you’re lucky, she’ll still feel like letting you out of chastity in the morning!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Husband Sniffs Sweaty Socks POV

Goddess Lexi Luna is not happy to see you at home when you should be heading to work and she knows you only stayed back so that you could smell her stinky, sweaty feet as soon as she got home from her strenuous workout. She decides to let you slide and is even going to let you out of your chastity device for a brief play date! Once the steel cock cage is off, she unties her stinky gym shoes and slides them off, telling you how smelly they are after two long hours of cardio. Watch as she peels off her socks that are drenched in sweat then open wide so she can stuff them in your mouth. Sniff, kiss, lick, and suck on her feet as you follow her masturbation instructions.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jessica – Stepson’s New Role POV

Goddess Foot Domination - Goddess Jessica - Stepson's New Role POV
Goddess Jessica

Goddess Jessica has gotten her husband to agree to allow you, her stepson, to live with them, however, you must answer to her, abiding by her every demand. To start, she makes you sniff her sexy high heel pumps before making you smell her gorgeous bare feet. Once your nostrils are filled with her heavenly scent, she gives you a taste, permitting you to lick her from heel to toe. Whip out your cock for her and stroke it, following her jerk off instructions. Slide your tongue between each of her toes, licking and sucking on them as you masturbate for her. Work your cock just as she says, worshiping her feet as you pump your hand up and down just as she says.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jessica – Jessica’s Fantasy

Goddess Foot Domination - Goddess Jessica - Jessica's Fantasy
Goddess Jessica

Goddess Jessica is reveling in the aftermath of a great orgasm, but her fantasy is far from over. Watch as the beautiful brunette slowly slides down her little blue dress, exposing her big beautiful tits. See her rub her nipples with one hand while the other works her pussy, teasing her clit as her sexy bare feet dangle before you. Watch her scrunch her toes, crinkling them as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Wouldn’t you just love to kiss, lick, and suck on her pretty feet while she plays with her pussy, worshiping her just as she deserves? Wouldn’t you like to feel you cock throbbing between her feet as her soft, wrinkly arches hug your shaft? We know she would!
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