Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Cheaters Never Prosper

Goddess Brianna is so disappointed in her friend Taylor. Who said he could text other women? Goddess Brianna never gave him permission to date or even talk with other women. Even a friend of a Goddess belongs to her. Goddess Brianna is going to make sure he doesn’t ever use his little pecker: she orders him to take off his clothes and opens her hands to reveal a metal chastity device. After locking himself in her cock cage, he follows her instructions, removing her sexy, knee high boots and deeply inhaling their intoxicating scent. Wearing the key to his manhood around her neck, Goddess Brianna continues her lesson of discipline by smothering his face in her sweaty feet in black nylon socks. The Goddess slowly peel off her socks, giving Taylor her ultimate orders: he’s going to steep those socks in a mug of hot water, and when the tea is ready, he will drink it down as she fucks his ass with a strap-on. I hope he’s thirsty! Goddess Brianna snaps a photo of her strap-on in his man-pussy and sends it to every one of those girls he’s been talking to. He won’t be texting or dating any girls ever again.

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