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Goddess Blonde Kitty: Husbands New Boyfriend – Huge Boobs

You’ve been so stressed and busy recently that your hot wife wants to organise a wonderful surprise for you: She’s going to let you watch as her boyfriend pleasures her in ways you never could. But there’s one condition, because the hottest thing she could imagine is seeing her Husband…..AND her boyfriend together. That’s right. She wants to watch your mouth sucking his big cock. She wants to see his balls slapping your face. She wants you to truly worship the cock that makes her cum time and time again, like you can’t. And if you’re a lucky boy, she will not only let you watch as her bull fucks her raw, but she will have you on your knees, tongue out, lapping up the creamy cum as it drips from her cunt, as it leaves milky, creamy streaks on her thighs. A good husband always cleans up 🙂

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