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Subbyhubby: Harlow’s Role Reversal (Entire Movie)

Watch Harlow Harrison turn her small cocked boyfriend into an obedient, quivering cuckold who only exists to amuse and please her while she goes after larger and better endowed men to please herself. All 5 parts for a low price. Features: Foot worship, Small Penis humiliation, cuckolding, fucking, forced cum eating, chastity teasing, female domination, humiliation, strap-on.
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Subbyhubby: A Cuckold’s Life (Full Movies)

Mistresses Natalia and Paris have invited a stud over for some fun, and Natalia loves making her cuckold slave submit to real men. Natalia calls him up and in no time he is on his knees sucking the stud’s cock. The two women just laugh as the cuckold’s head bobs up and down the stud’s shaft; they find it so amusing that they decide to film it just to humiliate the cuck more later. When the stud cums he makes sure to leave huge cum streaks all over the cuck’s face. Mistresses Natalia and Paris make out with each other and their stud as the poor cuckold is relegated to worshiping their feet. Natalia and Paris enjoy having the cuck’s tongue on their feet, but they also enjoy humiliating the cuck by making him worship the stud’s feet as well. Natalia and Paris humiliate their cuckold by making him compare his cock size to the stud’s, then order him to jerk his dick to make it bigger while Paris gives the stud a blow job. Natalia orders him to cum in his own face, but the cuck produces so little cum that is just drizzles out onto his hand. Natalia and Paris then make fun of his puny little load, which matches his puny little dick. Natalia and Paris humiliate their cuck, taking turns fucking his holes with their strap-on cocks while humiliating him for being their bitch. Natalia and Paris are enjoying some wine, using their cuckold as a human table for them to rest their glasses on. The ladies decide to make their cuckold useful for something so they put him to work licking their assholes clean. Surprisingly, the cuck is pretty good at this task and the ladies enjoy his work. Natalia makes sure that he satisfies Paris properly, guiding his tongue exactly where it needs to go to satisfy Paris. Paris Knight has sex with her stud while Natalia Starr looks on, making fun of the poor cuckold standing in the corner holding their drinks on his neck table. Paris deep throats the stud’s cock, then fucks him long and hard. The stud pulls out to cum on Paris’s pussy; of course, the cuckold must then do his duty, licking up the stud’s cum while everyone makes fun of him for being so pathetic
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Subbyhubby: Harlow’s Role Reversal: Femdom Sex

decides to see for herself. She begins to flirt with him, knowing her pathetic boyfriend is nearby and will see. He comes over, upset about the situation but Harlow is quick to remind him of his place. She tells him that she is going to be pleasured by the big cock of the other man and there is nothing he can do about it.”Get into your pink collar and come-on, bitch!” Harlow yells at her boyfriend as she drags the pool man into her bedroom. Harlow compares the size of the big cock to her boyfriend’s tiny caged cock. “That’s pathetic, and that’s where it is going to stay” she says, pointing to the cage “and I never want to see it again.” Harlow takes that huge cock deep into her pussy and makes her pathetic boyfriend watch as she is pleasured by him. She really rubs it in his face how inadequate and small he is. Then she makes him worship her feet while she gets fucked for even more humiliation. Afterwards, she forces him to eat the cum off of her tits.
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Subby Hubby: Nicole Bexley BJ Assistant

Nicole has her warm mouth licking and breathing all over her pathetic husband\’s confined cock. \”You can barely feel this, can you?\” \”Yes…\” he mumbles. \”Good. Then maybe you will last longer than 10 seconds!\” she says with a smirk. She lets him out of chastity on one condition. He must wear lipstick and put on a dress as they are having company. He allows her to put lipstick on him since he simply does not have any choice in the matter now. He is her submissive bitch. There is a knock at the door and to his dismay it is his employee, Jack. Toby is in disbelief for a quick moment until he sees his wife kissing Jack! Nicole then shows Jack how small Toby\’s cock is and makes Jack show Toby how huge his big black cock is and Toby\’s eyes almost pop out of his head! Jack must be no less than 12 INCHES!
Nicole compares their sizes showing Toby how inadequate he is and then forces Toby to lay on the floor while she gives her big black lover a blowjob, right above his head. He must watch her pleasure that big cock, every inch. Just when Toby thinks it is over, she spits Jack\’s huge load into Toby\’s mouth.
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I Cheated On You

Format: MP4
Duration: 9 minutes
Size: 257.3 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

I am your wife. Just a regular woman. Not overly Dominant or cruel. Just a nice, loving wife who has sweetly indulged some of your kinks like sitting on your face or letting you wear panties. “I have a confession to make. I feel really bad about it: I cheated on you. I’m really sorry. I still love you & want to stay married to you….but I want to keep fucking him too…” This is a very realistic scenario where I tell you about what I’ve been doing & gently try to introduce you to the idea of being a cuckold. Any humiliation you feel is natural but I am not trying to make you feel humiliated
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