Goddess Alexandra Snow – Multiple Milkings

Bodily Autonomy. It’s a term used to describe the social expectation that your body is your own. That you get to have say about what happens to your body or what you do with it. Unfortunately for you, you do not benefit from this ideal. You are a slave. Your body belongs to me. Your orgasms belong to me. You don’t get to slack off and do just the things you would have been doing anyways. No. You’re going to demonstrate this for me now. You’re going to milk those balls dry. You’re going to cum over and over again for me. I don’t care if it’s painful. I don’t care if your orgasms are pleasurable. You’ll do it because I commanded it. Your balls will be tiny dried up prunes, and only then will you have done your job as a slave.

Download file – 695.5 MB

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