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GIRL BULLIES: Submissive Stud’s Humiliating Punishment Trilogy

Penny is excited for a day of lounging by the pool with her submissive hunk, Alrik, rubbing sunscreen on her legs and showing off his muscles in the speedo she bought him. The only problem is her sweet eye candy forgot his wrapper and left the new speedo at home. Penny is not pleased and she takes her frustrations out on Alrik’s bubble butt

After plenty of begging and spankings she sends him down to buy a new swimsuit from the hotel gift shop with undies wedged up his very red bottom!When he returns from from the hotel gift shop with some ugly, baggy swim trunks as a replacement Penny right back over her knee for another spanking!. She got him a speedo so she could admire his cute bulge and bubble butt in the hot tub and Penny gets what Penny wants. If she can’t ogle him by the pool then she is going to strip him naked and take her time groping him before they leave.

Of course this leaves Alrik with a very noticeable boner tenting up his shorts but Penny has no intention of letting it go down anytime soon. If he does not want everyone to see his stiffy that is just too bad because Penny is going to spend sometime with her ass on his face and his cock in her hand before she drags him to the hot tub!

Format: MP4
Duration: 22 Min
Size: 504 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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