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CPL Wrestling: Raven Wild & Bella – Sexually Smothered

This clip was from some of Raven’s very first fem fem matches. Raven is much taller than Bella, out weighs her, and is quite strong. When she unleashes her raw power on the take down, Bella is very shocked. As they come crashing hard to the mats, it all happens so quickly that Bella had no idea what hit her. Raven instantly finds herself pinning Bella down in a tight schoolgirl pin, and the more Bella struggled, the more it charged up Raven. Once she facesat Bella, she knew she was in control and had all the power necessary to dominate Bella. Raven not only physically dominated Bella, but she demanded Bella look at her, and open her eyes when she was facesitting her. Bella had to comply or be K.O.’d. Raven’s powerful thighs were locked around Bella’s head numerous times, making Bella wince in dire pain, tapping out. Raven also dished out reverse facesits, placing her perfectly shaped ass on Bella’s face, making sure to press down hard. Bella’s face disappeared in Raven’s ass, and all you could hear were muffled screams. By the end of this clip, all Bells wanted to do was to give up to her mat dominatrix, which is exactly what she did. It sure is hot watching Raven dominate and control her opponents in such a sexual yet physically overpowering way.

Format: MP4
Duration: 17 Min
Size: 450 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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