Clubdom: Michelle Lacy: Ball Destroyer 2

Description: Mistress Michelle Lacy has dragged her slave into the dungeon by his balls so she can be amused by giving them pain. She is one of the most sadistic Mistresses at clubroom and she enjoys squeezing, skewering, punching, kneeing, and kicking balls in. This is the second time this slave has been the target of his Mistress’s evil tendencies and he is already afraid of what is coming. Michelle has him by the balls and is leading him around in circles with a leash, completely humiliating him. The humbler makes them stand out even more. Michelle has lost all of her long nails on the last slave she tormented, breaking them all, so with having no sharp nails to dig in, she instead grabs at and slaps his ripened male fruit with a sadistic smile, telling the slave that she might as well take his balls. She makes him stand up and she takes her boots off and throws them to the side. She means business. She delivers swift, hard kicks with her long muscular legs until he is completely broken and overpowered by her.

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
Size: 585 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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