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Club Stiletto: No Mercy for him

Slave johnny is under the stilettos of cruel Lady Bellatrix, special attention being given to his balls and cock. In short order johnny is crying out in pain but that only excites Bellatrix who gets even meaner. She mocks him for his shriveled up little cock and then bends over and spits in his mouth. Then things get so intense with the trampling of his balls that the slave cries out “Mercy, Mercy.” Sadly one of the Club Stiletto Mistresses is Mistress Mercy and Bellatrix tells him that Mercy isn’t her name, she is Miss Bellatrix, and he shouldn’t be using one of her sister Dommes name when they are in session. She makes him say her name before she lets up… briefly!

Bellatrix continues to make him suffer under her shoes for a time before kicking them off and going barefoot. The slave finds the pain just as bad though as she has a special way of working her feet and toes to inflict maximum pain. She spits in his mouth three more times before resuming the trampling of his cock and balls. The slave is literally crying and again makes the mistake of saying “Mercy”. That gives Bellatrix an idea, she decides to go see if Mercy is around because she wants to see how he handles four feet and two pairs of stilettos. The bound slave whimpers as she walks from the room telling him she’ll be back shortly.

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