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Club Stiletto: Four hands, four Feet and two Battered balls

Goddess Amelia and Princess Mia have a slave in a straight jacket on the floor. They’ve just worked him over so give him a few more kicks before turning their attention to slave two who is nearby with his arms bound above his head on the suspension rack. He’s there with his balls exposed and ready for the taking. They start by giving him some lighter kicks and slapping his balls with their hands. They then start a series of kick rotations before Mia really goes to town with her hands, pulling his cock and twisting his nuts. Mia pulls off his shorts and the attention has the slave erect.

Mia goes to his backside and now they rotate with Mia kicking from the back and Amelia from the front. After that it becomes a free for all with nipple pulling, cock slapping, ball tugging and of course kick after kick to the balls. Just when the slave seems to have his head in the right space to handle the pain the girls decide to tickle him. The slave twists and turns so the girls resume the slapping and kicking of his nuts. They mock him as the pitch of his voice gets higher and higer with each kick. Finally they decide to let him down. They lay on the floor and tell him to kiss their asses.

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