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Cinched and Secured: Bad Babysitter Bound starring Raven Eve ($9.99 clips4sale)

Raven is babysitting her step-brats, but they won’t go to bed until she plays a game with them. Not really liking the little monsters, she agrees, just to get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately for her, the games involve lots of tight ropes, cinched tightly around her sexy little body! She thrashes about in an effort to get loose, her bare feet arching and writhing, but it’s no use. She threatens the punks, but that soon stops when they stuff a pair of her worn panties into her mouth and tie an old necktie in place around her head! Silenced properly, she can’t even complain about her opened blouse and her jeans having been pulled down to show off her pretty bra and panties! When I arrive and find she’s spent the evening in kinky games instead of watching the youngsters, I’m none too happy, and I hogtie her for the remainder of the evening!

Category: BONDAGE
Keywords: raven eve, bondage, damsel in, rope bondage, blue jeans, mouth stuffing, cleave-gagged, bra, panties, gag talk, hogtie.

Format: mp4

Duration: 00:09:35
Size: 420.84MB
Resolution: 1280×720

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