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St Dunstan’s starring in video ‘The School Takeover (Part 1-4)‘ of ‘cfnmtv’ studio

PART 4: Carl’s father has been summoned to a meeting with someone he believes to be the Headmistress. Little does Michael Bagshaw realise that Cassy is about to lure him into a trap using Carl as the bait. He’s used to being the one in charge but he’s soon going to find out what it’s like to be powerless and at the mercy of Cassy and Barbara.

Bagshaw is still reeling with shock having learned that his sporty son is part of an anal wanking group. But his confusion over this startling information has now been superseded by the bizarre request from the girl who he thinks is the Headmistress. He’d do anything to ensure the future of his son’s education and he can’t see the harm in getting undressed to satisfy this woman’s power trip.

Format: rar

Duration: 00:07:32
Size: 98.67MB
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