cfnmtv: St Dunstans Infirmary – Sportsman’s shame

It’s trainee nurse Devine’s first day at St. Dunstans and there’s a treat in store: sporty Jason got hit right in the privates while playing cricket and is sent to the Infirmary. It’s the perfect excuse for a thorough examination of his cock and balls. The nervous lad has to contend with the nurses’ unwanted attentions, all witnessed by the giggling Megan.

"I, I, I, erm…" frightened Jason can do nothing but stutter uselessly as the dominant nurse bosses him around. The terrified lad has to endure having his anus probed while the naughty Megan teases him mercilessly. But worse is yet to come when the cunning schoolgirl gets to try out her first aid skills on his privates…

Megan’s ceaseless manipulation of Jason’s cock has caused him to grow an enormous erection. But his humiliation doesn’t end there. The trainee nurse shows the inquisitive girl how to make a boy ejaculate. Powerless to resist he has to endure a painful punishment for his disgusting behaviour.

Format: MP4
Duration: 20 Min
Size: 220 Mb
Resolution: 640×360

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