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Brutal Master: Cupcake SinClair – Straight Jacket Torture

Just in time for Halloween!

Just look at her face, Cupcake SinClair is terrified. Straight Jacketed and tortured in HELL! it is like being in some old insane asylum where you have no control and you know a mad doctor is going to start working you over.

Except this is no old movie, this is real. This is no old insane asylum, it is a NEW asylum and it is called HELL! and that is no fictional mad scientist, that is BrutalMaster making this little bitch bleed and suffer.

Eventually, the cunt is dripping blood and her ordeal is far from over as BrutalMaster then attaches electrodes and starts electro-shock torture while the cunt screams and begs.

NOT for the faint of heart, but then again, what is in HELL!?

Cupcake SinClair screaming and begging in a straight jacket…TORTURE

Format: MP4
Duration: 25 Min
Size: 1789 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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