Brat Princess 2: Alyssa and Chloe – Two Hot Blonds Make Loser Their Foot Slave (1080 HD)

Description: 1080 HD Introducing Princess Alyssa! Alyssa and Chloe love abusing losers. They are both very beautiful and used to getting everything they want. Chloe shows her friend, Alyssa, how she can make an old man lick her feet. The idiot obediently holds its tongue out while Chloe uses it to clean her soles. The old man is an obvious loser. The beautiful young girls are superior to him in every way. He’s not even human to them. Chloe knows that she and Alyssa could probably get their natural inferior to do anything for them. The loser quickly falls into becoming a foot slave to the beautiful girls. They humiliate their new slave and speak to him cruelly while demanding he worship their feet. The girls laugh while they use and abuse their idiot. They make him suck each of their perfect toes. Then, Chloe sends him away to lick the dirt off her and Alyssa’s shoes. They want their sexy shoes clean when they wear them for their boyfriends.

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 952 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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