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Apr 5, 2013 | Chanel Preston | Matt Williams

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We have Chanel Preston back! This 20-something beautiful angel has an amazing body, a suppressed gag reflex, a deep throat, strong legs, big tight ass, and the sex drive of a Nypho. She cums hard, and gets all screamy when you make her cum again, so.. fun!

We present to you Chanel, firmly bound and helpless on the bed. Her neck is tied down, to hold her in place; her legs back in a nice “fuck me” position. We are vibrating her clit right off the bat, teasing her, not letting her cum, she is on edge. We keep her from cumming, her pussy is soaking wet as the hard cock slide balls deep first stoke. A few brutal strokes later and Chanel is having her first bound orgasm of the day.

We don’t stop the fucking until we fuck a few orgasms out of her helpless moaning body. We push her back so her head is upside down and off the edge. The neck ropes hold her mouth in place for a catastrophic throat fucking. There is nowhere to hide, the cock slides all the way down Chanel’s throat, back and forth. We turn her throat into a pussy and fuck her into subspace. Deep throat spit runs down her face over her eyes, and into her hair. She is a sexy fucked up mess.

We add a vibrator to her clit, and while the cock is buried balls deep down her throat we make her cum over and over. Its one of the most sexually violent non-abusive orgasms we ever shot. Just a guttural screaming, cock all the way down her throat, spasming orgasm from hell! Chanel is left dazed and wondering what the fuck just happened.

We untie her and manhandle our helpless porn star around the bed, fucking her till she cums and then fucking her throat till she flashes, back and forth. We overload our porn star with cock and orgasms! She is spent, dazed, floating in subspace, cum drunk, and completely sexually helpless.

We change the ropes before your eyes and soon Chanel is upside down, hanging in a back arching reverse hogtied. Category 5, one point beautiful suspension. Chanel’s eyes stare into the empty space, drool coating her face, as we make her cum again, this time hanging upside down. We leave her slightly spinning, her body tingling all over, and her brain trying to climb the ladder back to our world.
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