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American Mean Girls Princess Amber: Meets A Real-Life Fan (1080HD) – SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING

Some loser had been BEGGING for my attention online for some time. Normally I don’t take these losers seriously unless the prove they can be of some use to me. Luckily this one was SUPER OBEDIENT and literally did everything I told him to- which led him to the opportunity of serving me IN PERSON!

He paid for a private session with me a month prior, and he clearly just couldn’t get enough of me (WHO CAN, THO??) Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money for another private session, so I told him if he wants to serve me more, then he can be a slave in my clips!

That was an amazing opportunity that he just COULDN’T pass up, so he agreed to be on camera as my slave with the exception of wearing a mask.

He sent his deposit before arrival (so not to waste my time in case he “chickened out”) and showed up like the good little beta I know he is. He was SOOOO excited to serve me that he booked his flight to NV on the soonest dates I was available LOL.

Because it was his “first time”, I had him follow me on his hands and knees to my throne, where he laid cash at my perfect stocking covered feet. I teased and humiliated him the entire time: laughing in his face and MAKING him admit what a LOSER he is for agreeing to all of this just to be around me HAHAHA…

-Princess Amber

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Duration: 00:14:35
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Resolution: 1920×1080

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