Month: August 2016

Kinky Mistresses – Sperm On Clingfilm

Featuring Ella Kros

Dressed erotically in a basque and stockings Mistress Ella Kros looks very much the Goddess she is. She has her slave on the floor, enveloped in black cling film unable to move. She releases his big cock and cruelly torments him to orgasm, feeding him his own cum.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 7 minutes 59 seconds
Photos: 20
Tags: bdsm, cum, domina, ella, femdom, fetish, kros, mistress, slave, squirting
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Kinky Mistresses – Fetisch Narzisse – Suspension Strap-on

Our new latex lady, a real kinky lady loves to use huge strap-on´s to fucks male slaves holes. see our exotic FETISCH NARZISSE

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 6 minutes 15 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: anal, dildo, femdom, fetish, footfetisch, narzisse, rubber, strap-on, strapon
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Kinky Mistresses – Empress Painless – Nipple Punishment

Featuring Mistress

The kinky ebony mistress,…. EMPRESS PAINLESS loves extreme nipple play. She has a lot of fun with this nipple punishment

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 5 minutes 3 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: ebony, empress, kinky, mistress, nipple, painless, play
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Kinky Mistresses – The Rubber Doll´s Anal Inspection

Featuring Lady Kacy Kisha, Lady Luciana

Lady Luciana & Kacy Kisha loves to play with the asshole of their rubber doll. They are using a medical device to open and stretch his anal pussy

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 8 minutes 47 seconds
Photos: 10
Tags: anal, doll, femdom, gloves, kacy, kinky, luciana, mistress, rubber
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Men Are Slaves – Please More Spit Princess

More spit? Sure, Princess Jennifer will give him more spit. She knows her spit is gold to him and she will gift him lots and lots of gold on his face, in his mouth, in his eye, wherever amuses her most.
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Ella Kross – Having My Feet Worshiped in My Back Yard!

Soaking up some sun in my back yard, I summon a slave and he quickly comes crawling on his hands and knees. When I instruct him to kiss my shoes, he wastes no time doing as told like a good slave. Next I make him lick my shoes clean, reminding him that it’s the only way he’ll be able to taste my perfect bare feet. He immediately gets to work polishing my white high-heels with his mouth, and when I’m satisfied with the job he’s done I finally allow him to take them off. I demand that he sniff my naked feet before letting him run his tongue over them, then have him suck each of my adorable toes one by one. He hungrily mouths my feet, eager to please me by acting as my foot slave for the afternoon. “Try harder!” I scold when I feel he’s not doing a good enough job, and rub my feet into his face while smiling in cruel delight. Do you think you could worship my pretty feet better than this jerk?

TAGS: foot domination, foot fetish, foot slave training
Categories: Female Domination, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Humiliation, Shoe & Boot Worship
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Humiliatrix – Intern Katie Destroys Your Date and Blackmails You into Cumming

“Look at you! All dressed up for a date? Too bad. I WAS going to let you worship my feet tonite after work. Maybe even give you a foot job. But I guess you need to go on that date, huh. Or you could get down on your knees, kiss my boots, suck my heels and sniff my toes thru my pantyhose. It’s up to you, weakling…”

Princess Katie, dominant office intern, leg tease, foot worship, cum commands…
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