Mfvideobrazil: Under Water Fetish – Ai rControl And Practice In The Swimming Pool By Jessica And Slave Bianca

Amazing underwater smother movie with two top brazilian babes. The slave gets real hard pressed underwater and canot breath for a long time. The dominatrix give her underwater scissor, smother and much more extreme and strange games to lost air of her slave. the camera is special and we have also underwater filmed to see clear the face of the fucking slave is trying to snap some air. If you like underwater smother domination movies with two top brazilian girls then jump into this movie with the perfect story and also perfect girls doing a good job.
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Resistance Is Futile: Rebekah Dee & Shay – A Perfect Shay & Rebekah’s Revenge

It’s round 4 between Shay and Rebekah, and having already defeated Rebekah in each of their previous encounters, Shay is supremely confident of another victory. So much so in fact, that she claims she can beat Rebekah this time just by using her legs! Shay quickly goes on to prove that claim as she squeezes Rebekah silly with scissor after scissor… Poor Rebekah can do nothing to stop the non-stop scissorfest and as Shay’s thighs sends her to dreamland time and time again, she wakes up already in the tight grip of a different headscissor! And even when the rules are her own, Shay still breaks them and uses a bearhug to put Rebekah down one last time!
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Rapture’s Fetish Playground: Goddess Rapture vs Skylar Renee

Six Packs, Thighs that can , Arms that can crush, times two. Double Scissor is the beginning of a friendly competition, then the wrestling takes it to a new level. Skylar or Rapture? It is the perfect fight, the strength of these women can take down any man, their sweat glistening, their flawless bodies attacking and torturing each other. Talent like these two only come together once in a while.
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Mistress Isid: Foot Gagging Shock

Liz my new greedy slave puts in her mouth everything she finds, even what you would never imagine and since this bad behavior is now developing, it’s time to re-educate her properly. Completely chained to a suspension harness and after having forced her to open her mouth I will have fun fucking her greedy mouth with my beautiful feet. This slave today will have to undergo a foot gagging so deep that it will leave her deeply in a state of shock!!!
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The Real Queendom: Katelyn Brooks, Helena Locke & Cupcake Sinclair – Fetish Therapy: Feel the Connection

"Welcome to the bonding belt," Dr. Locke says as she finishes securing Cupcake’s face into Katelyn’s beautiful, round ass! Dr. Locke has been helping her patients embrace their BDSM desires and the bonding belt (smother harness) is the perfect too to help establish an intimate Domme/sub relationship. Cupcake moans as she struggles to breathe from deep inside Katelyn’s ass crack. "Just become one with your dominant," Dr. Locke says as she encourages Katelyn to bend forward and pull her slave’s face deeper into her ass. When Katelyn moves to the couch Cupcake has no choice but follow. Katelyn and Dr. Locke work together to push Cupcake deeper and deeper into Katelyn’s ass. "It feels like my ass is just swallowing her entire face," Katelyn says as Dr. Locke sits on the back of Cupcake’s head. "I love taking the back of her head and just shoving her face into my butt!" Dr. Locke is pleased to see how quickly Katelyn and Cupcake have taken to their roles as Dominant and submissive and she’s sure they will have a long, happy relationship. "You can just see in her eyes she’s getting assdrunk!"
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Mistress Iside: Split-Mouth Footgagging

When I look at that tender little mouth, so small, I definitely want to fuck her. Everything almost sounds like a call to which I have absolutely no intention of resisting, but first I’m going to tie my slut to the medieval pillory with mouth wide open so I can sink my foot deeper and deeper. Of course I immediately realize that the little mouth can not contain all my foot but this gives me an extra incentive to insist until I see the corners of her mouth crack open … Here I can finally fuck her properly, now I can put inside almost all the front part of foot, yet another tear and I almost reached my goal today … Finally my little has a new mouth bigger and definitely much more functional for my purposes !!
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Mandy Flores: Extreme ass lover video

Custom request. What I was looking for is a fart video. I like farts in cute panties, and of course your sexy bare ass as well. Talk dirty in the video….tell me to smell it. Tell me how you just took a and want me to smell and like your ass clean. All sorts of things like that are great!
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaylynn: You’re So Fucked For My Feet, You Stupid Braindead Footboy

Princess Kaylynn

I’m going to oil up my perfect feet for you. They’re going to look and taste so delicious. I know you obsess over my feet loser. You fucking worship them. I know how desperately you crave to be beneath the soles of my feet. Kiss them loser, it’s what you’re here for. You were born to lick my feet. That is your only purpose loser. And aren’t you so grateful that you have a purpose?
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Brat Princess 2: Savannah POV – Oil it Up and Cum Hard for My Juicy Booty (1080 HD)

Oil up my big juicy booty. Admire my big, perfect ass. I own every inch of you with the slightest little shake. Watch it shake. Worship its perfection. Oil it up. Cum hard for my big juicy booty.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: May 18, 2018 – Tommy Pistol and Juliette March

When college student Juliette March accidentally trespasses while on a remote field study, the psychotic property owner Tommy Pistol overpowers the helpless student and carries her off to his cabin wherein a kinky hot mess of BDSM and rough pounding sex ensues. Tied up spread eagle against a stone fireplace Juliette is in quite a bind with a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth, nipple clamps pulling tight on her perky tits, leather ankle cuffs and a spreader bar with a magic wand vibrating her trespassing pussy.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: May 18, 2018 – Lea Lexis and Lily Lane

Mega slut Lily Lane is attending one of the hottest events of the summer — Lea Lexis’ pool party. Lily knows party goers aren’t allowed to enter the main house, but after spying her favorite wine through an open window, she can’t resist! She sneaks in and starts rummaging through the bar. When Lea catches Lily inside, she knows this slut is after more than just a bathroom. Lea leads Lily to her bedroom, throws her on the bed, and decides to have some fun. She ties Lily up and tugs down her bikini bottoms only to find that Lily is wearing a sparkling jeweled butt plug.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: May 17, 2018 – Cadence Lux

Cadence reached out and said that she need some therapy, and that only The Pope could cure her. She needed it to be rough, but not like usual; a lot rougher than that. We experience this quite often, when the models need to get the devil out and this is the only way they know how to in a healthy way. The cathartic feeling that calms them only comes from a brutal session with The Pope. Cadence begins in a standing position with a burlap sack over her head. Her legs are spread and she is totally helpless. There is not going to be a warm up today because what is going to happen is so brutal that it’s a waste of time to do so.
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cfnmtv: Cravings (Part 1-4)

Alex Clark is in a bad mood. He doesn’t like being told what to do – least of all by his normally timid wife. Instead of working on an important case for work, he’s been dragged to this expensive clinic. Being cynical he doesn’t believe hypnotherapy can help him in the slightest and is determined to prove the doctor a charlatan. But Doctor Hapsberg is more than capable of dealing with a belligerent male – indeed, she enjoys the challenge.

Despite Alex’s assertion that the doctor won’t be able to hypnotise him, it takes only a matter of moments before he’s put under. With the doctor’s encouragement he happily reveals his most private thoughts. Grace gets to learn a lot about her husband’s habits when he’s all alone in the house and is not pleased. Fortunately stopping smoking isn’t the only corrective therapy Dr. Hapsberg offers as Alex is about to find out.

Alex’s revelations about his private life have come as a great shock for poor Grace. But fortunately the doctor is on hand to provide a remedy. With Grace’s husband completely under, she can correct his selfish and disrespectful behaviour. At the same time, she sees an opportunity for both of them to enjoy his masculine, naked body. Totally unaware of his state of undress, the suggestible Alex is more than happy to show off his “new suit” to anyone he comes across.

Grace was shocked to see her husband shove the butt-plug up his backside but is happy that Dr Hapsberg knows what she is doing. This new compliant Alex is much nicer than the aggressive one she’s used to. Now the doctor has commanded that he wank, and sure enough he obeys without hesitating. It looks like Alex will be cured of much more than just smoking! He’ll be the perfect advertisement for the clinic’s services…
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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: Ruin A Huge Load All Over A Mirror And Watch Yourself Lick It Up

Princess Ellie

You’re going to get a mirror for me. A nice big mirror. And I want you to set it, right where you can cum on it. You’re going to make that mirror very dirty. So prepare to ruin your orgasm, I want that cum dribbling down, right on to your reflection. Just so you can see how much of a loser you are. Are you ready to prove how pathetic you are? I hope so, because I wanna see how fucking pathetic you are.
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Brat Princess 2: Natalya – Sniff My Cheese Farts (1080 HD)

Natalya ate cheese and it makes her tummy gurgle. That’s not her fault! She doesn’t want to have to smell the gassy result. Natalya’s got her slave tied up really good and he’s about to suffer the consequences for her. She sits right on his face and lets em rip. One ripe cheese fart after another. Natalya really makes sure that her slave sniffs it in. A Princess does not smell her own farts. That’s a slave’s job. The slave must get it’s nose right in the Princess’ asshole so that it doesn’t miss a thing. Natalya lectures this slave on doing a good job for her. She reminds the slave that it could easily be replaced. Inhaling a fart takes almost no skill. Regardless, a slave should always seek to impress its Princess and do it’s very best. Being fired from the task of toilet slave would be very humiliating. There pretty much isn’t any lower a slave can go. The slave tries harder and does his best to breathe in every stinky cheese fart. Natalya still isn’t satisfied. She decides to put this slave on fart duty all week long so that he gets better at inhaling stench. With ample practice, this one might become the best fart slave in her stable.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Chastity Instructions – INTERACTIVE!

This is a custom vid but no name mentioned…but it’s a vid many of you have asked for. This is a detailed INTERACTIVE vid for chastity slaves or orgasm control enthusiasts.

I lay out a plan for the next 3 months. I decide when & how you get to orgasm for the next few months. You will not be denied an orgasm the whole time, you will be able to earn opportunities to have a release.

There are some elements of humiliation, self harm & worship of me. Lots of tormenting teasing mainly thru watching my other vids (so you might want to get a membership for my site or buy more vids through clips4sale.) I’ll ask you to email me progress reports, to do tasks, to send me pics, etc. You’ll be expected to tribute me periodically to show your devotion, to thank me for my time & attention.

You’ll also have consequences for being naughty:-)
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Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: You’re A Loser For Legs, You Just Can’t Help Yourself

Lady Fyre

Look at you down there, so pathetic. But you just can’t help yourself can you? You’re such a loser for legs. Groveling, whimpering and hoping for the best view you can get, aren’t you? Do you know how pathetic you are? Have you seen what I see? Probably not. Perhaps you have yet to comprehend the depths of your desperation, the depths of your depravity. Just what will you do for the perfect view of my legs?

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Brat Princess 2: Lola – Facesitting Chastity Tease (1080 HD)

Lindsey has her little loser on a leash. He’s all locked up in chastity, which is very unfortunate for him, because Lindsey sits her perfect ass on his undeserving less-than-perfect face. Of course, she would never allow him the privilege of laying beneath her if he were not in chastity. Lindsey knows that her ass turns the slave on and loves that he is not in control of his own erection. Lindsey controls the slave’s cock by holding the key. This slave is old. He’s like 40. Old men are gross. They don’t deserve sex. They just bother young, pretty girls with their annoying sexual advances. That’s why they need to be kept in chastity. Hot girls deserve bikinis. Their beauty entitles them to nice things. It’s much better to utilize an old male’s useless sexual energy by redirecting it into productive activities, like spending his life’s earnings on girls. Lindsey keeps the old loser’s key on her belly button ring. She loves dangling it above him while straddling his face. Lindsey decides, she will release her slave from chastity. But, it’s going to be at the edging salon. Her slave hates the edging salon. Every time he goes to a session there, it’s just pure sexual agony. He tries to tell his Princess that he doesn’t want to go, but she will hear none of it. Getting out of chastity at the edging salon is better than not getting out of chastity at all, isn’t it?
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