Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Jenna – Smoke on the Street (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Jenna have a smoke on the street together while planning their night out and chatting. Amadahy’s slave serves as their human ashtray on the public street. Anyone could walk by and see as he serves the two hot girls by swallowing the ash from their cigarettes. You can hear passersby on the audio in the background. The girls spit on the slave and put their cigarettes out on its tongue. Amadahy coerces the slave to swallow her cigarette butt. The slave really struggles, coughing and gagging, and admits he doesn’t think he can do it. But Amadahy will not let her ashtray give up on her. She guides the slave through honoring her command, and eventually, the slave gets the cigarette butt down. The cigarette butt isn’t the first nor the last of his Princess’ waste that he will consume for her.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Inessa: Kicks in the balls – Full Movie

A skinny horny boy is forced by a female bodybuilder to drop his pants and standing defenseless in front of her presenting his hard on. She kicks him hard and brutal in the balls and she does it so hard that at the end his hard on shrivels up more and more…
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HARDTIED: Jun 6, 2018: Miller Time | Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller returns from her retirement to visit INSEX. There’s an itch that only we can scratch for her. She’s perched on a stool with her bare feet fondling the metal. She’s bound caressed. The moment the ropes are on her she calms down and at the same time is excited.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: June 6, 2018 – Jasmeen LeFleur and Bella Rossi

Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on US! We have 13 of this season’s finest veterans and rookies in a single knockout seeded tournament. Jasmeen LeFleur, ranked #9, is a tattooed, dark haired beauty who started this season with an impressive match against our muscle goddess Brandi Mae. Bella Rossi, ranked #8, is a little disappointed to be ranked in the mid level wrestler area but is more than happy to kick everyone’s ass to show the world what’s she’s all about. Jasmeen has been training privately and looks more ripped than ever with solid and beautiful muscle. Bella too has been training but she’s been doing something a little bit different. She’s been domming on Whipped Ass and other Femdom sites, whipping girls into shape and making them cum on her command. Jasmeen shows some explosive power today in this showdown. She gets trapped and fingered but is able to explode out of the positions and gain control. This is a hard fought battle for both girls but at the end of the day, only one can move on in the tournament. The winner fucks the loser’s pussy and ass ruthlessly. No mercy, all holes taken! The champion then makes the loser worship her muscles, lick her sweaty armpits, and eat her pussy. She then facesits the defeated grappler and rides her face to orgasm!
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BRUTAL SESSIONS: June 6, 2018 – Charles Dera and Lexi Foxy

Lexi Foxy has no idea what she is in for when she gets lured into dungeon of true sadist. She quickly finds herself in over her head as she dangles bound and exposed in severe and inescapable rope bondage. As she whimpers through the giant red ball gag that has been shoved into her mouth a male dom beats her perfect round ass with a heavy leather flogger. As he pounds her butt Lexi’s pussy begins to glisten with cum.
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FUCKING MACHINES: June 6, 2018 – Dylan Ryan

Dylan is no stranger to our site and as expected she is here to get fucked and squirt everywhere. After a very seductive strip tease, she lays back and tease her pussy to multiple orgasms. Next we get her set up with her first machine and within no time, she is squirting all over the studio. She is then standing over the crystal palace and as the machine increases in speed her pussy begins to quiver. Shortly after that her pussy begins to squirt again and we couldn’t be happier about that. We move into the final set up are aiming to fuck her sexy ass. We line up the machine and, insert the dildo, and then start the fucking. We may not get anymore squirting but the orgasms are just as powerful.
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TopGrl: Ashley Lane, London River – Heat

London River has Ashley Lane tied down, both in her heart and on the floor of London’s dungeon. Her hands are up above her head and her legs are spread apart, held with rope at the wrists and the ankles. London doesn’t need any clothing on Ashley to cut or tear off, all she wants is her body to use and abuse any way she likes.
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Scifidreamgirls: Special Delivery

A female scientist facing funding problems takes on a side job of enabling the sexuality function of a female brazilian android. To perfect the adjustment she must then teach the android to receive and give sexual pleasure with a woman. Her job completed successfully she repacks the android for shipping back to its master.
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SinDrive: Golden Shower Power – You Asked For It & Here We Go – The Total Leather Babe Style Pissolation Of Uber Glam Snob Nessy

Nessy has gotten herself into a heap of trouble today, as when she arrives back at her luxury home instead of finding some hot action she finds four chicks that are looking for their money! Victoria Puppy, Vanessa, Viktoria Sweet, and Nathaly Cherie are all looking tough in their leather and shiny outfits, but they’re not playing around.
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Meanworld: Victoria June 3

Victoria has had a nice two week marriage with her new husband slave, but she has spent all of his money and has no use for him anymore. She decides to enslave his Dad! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, HANDJOB, AND MORE!
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Jun 2, 2018: Lovely Suffering Part 1 | Luna Lovely

Eden sin and Luna Lovely start the livefeed wrapped up in a warm back to back roll. While customers talk to them and ask questions the girls learn they can roll over each other from one end of the stage to the other. It seems way too fun except for the danger of rolling into the pipes at the ends of the stage.

They are cut out of their burrito shell and made to undress each other. Luna is put into a handcuff hogtie. Her long hair is pulled painfully back to her pretty little toes. Luna’s pussy is exposed and she’s caned. First her feet then she has to hold herself up while her tits are being beaten.

Luna is put down on the ground and ropes are wound around her so tightly that she can’t move an inch. She tries to wiggle away, but there’s not even a tid bit of movement. That’s when the whip comes out and Luna really gets it. She’s screaming and cursing.
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SENSUAL PAIN: May 27, 2018: Masochist On a Limb | Starlight

A sexual deviant, a masochist, a squirting trollop wanton for play… Here to be a slave girl for the day. With rope, leather, steel and wood bondage, Master James put this Masochist out on the limb, literally playing this girl like a sensual puppet at the mercy of a BDSM Masters fingers. She is elecro shocked, whipped, vibrated, cropped, and man handled teetering between pleasure and pain with cries moans and wet vibrating goodness, she is spent in no time while dancing at the end of her rope by her hair, feeling hard cock that she cannot have. Some slaves will never have real cock no matter how much begging and promiscuity it displays.

Another brilliant show of sexual sadomasochism in bondage, at its finest.
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