Hypnotic Haylee New Files

The Witch in the Woods pt 1- Marked by the witch – Erotic hypnosis

The Witch in the Woods pt 2- Marked by the witch – Erotic hypnosis

Mushy Minded Hypno Drone Erotic Hypnosis

Goddess Truths pt 2 – Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck Slave Training

you are WEAK . Ultimate Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck

Every Day Every Way ENSLAVED erotic hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Triggered Slaves Love To Please

THE SLAVENING erotic hypnosis


Slave Today Slave Everyday – Erotic Hypnosis & Mantra

And more…
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: My Sessions: Flip Flop Slob – MP4

I wasn’t sure if this pig was planning on meeting a gorgeous Mistress dressed in leather, Wolford pantyhose and Italian platform stiletto heels, or if it was getting ready to haul the weekly trash to the curb. Surely no man could be that lazy and unthinking to wear such atrocious clothing to present itself at my feet. Then again, the male species never ceases to unimpress me. The coup de grace were the filthy stinky cruddy flip-flops it wore on bare feet. Who wants to see that? Hint – nobody. Especially not me! Here’s another hint – want to impress a Mistress? Try putting a little effort into how you look. I would have kicked it to the curb with my trash except it seemed to do what it was told without too much hesitation. At least it could amuse me by sniffing and licking it’s own flip flop! That mouth wasn’t going anywhere near my beautiful heels.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slutty Selfies Assignment – Part 2

Continuing from last week’s, now we’re going to take it to a new level. You’re going to keep some of the humiliation items from last week’s assignment, but then you’ll be adding one some new stuff. You’ll need to find something to substitute a paddle (I give you ideas), a dog collar, and panties to start.. and you’ll have to submit very specific shots for my amusement. I love the slave selfies, keep them coming!
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Clubdom: School Girls From Hell 2: Fuck Machine

Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves have one of their captive school boys and they decide they want to make him their total bitch. They have the fuck machine which they stole and they are now finally going to get to try it out. The girls hook it up and grab a cattle prod, and bully their new bitch boy into getting his hole stretched by them. The girls have him totally at their mercy, they overpower him. He can’t do anything but take it while they enjoy themselves, as the machine fucks him faster and deeper.
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Clubdom: Roadside Assistance

Goddess Alexis Fawx and Dava Foxx use the old broken down car trick to catch a fuck boy, They pull off to the side of the road and flag down some dude in a truck, He thinks he is God’s gift to woman as he takes his shirt off and takes a look at their car, He tells them he can give them a ride and that their motor is shot, Goddess Dava pricks him with her love needle and he faints; the ladies then drag him and throw him in the back of his truck and take him back to ClubDom. He is restrained in a fiddle holding his neck and hands, They then produce a syringe with a blue fluid and inject his balls as he screams, then tell him if he cums twice within the hour a chemical reaction will take place turning his balls into little shriveled up raisins, rendering them useless. Then the sexy Dommes start to tease him, playing with each other’s full breasts and kissing, knowing he is getting hard, Then they proceed to milk the filth right from his slut sacks feeding him every last drop, Alexis states well there is the first load lol…
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Princess Fierce – Clip Slave Programming

You’ve been telling yourself you are too smart to become an addict of mine. You’re too strong and powerful to ever become enslaved to me. You tell yourself you only buy my clips because you love jerking off to my body. You’ve been buying more and more clips lately, and paying attention to my commands. Stroking has turned into day long sessions. You are beginning to realize you are not the tough, powerful, strong man, you thought you were. Could it be? Could I somehow have implanted triggers into your brain to make you spiral into enslavement? No…not you….NEVER….but….maybe….

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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Marking My Flesh – MP4

It belongs to me so I feel it only appropriate to mark it as such. Several bright red lines inflicted by my cane should suffice in this case. A slave needs to feel owned to feel complete. I’m sure the sting of my long stick will invigorate its senses. At least it’s fun for me to make it yelp with each stroke. Even better when it hates the pain, but still has to thank me for it. Suffer for my pleasure, bitch-boi.
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Asian Cruelty: Ball Busting Bitch Boi (Full Version) Starring Goddess Luna Li (HD Version)

This Full Version release is the the combined footage of “Ball Busting Bitch Boi” and “Your Manhood Is Mine For The Taking”. These videos were the video debut of one of our most popular Dominas, Goddess Luna Li and one of the most popular ballbusting series of clips we have ever produced. Goddess Luna Li shows no mercy as she kicks, knees, slaps and punches her bitch boi’s nutsack into oblivion. Seriously intense action!!! A Full 13 Minutes of Great action for only $11.99

With my helpless slave naked, bound and blindfolded, and his legs stretched wide apart by a steel spreader bar, it is time for him to be introduced to my deliciously evil ways. I particularly like to torment my minions and watch the tears run down their cheeks when I hurt them. Why I love it so much? I just do, and that’s all that matters.

So with this new slave, I`ve decided to surprise him with a rather intense ballbusting. Oh how I adore the sound of my thigh high boot slapping up against his ball sack. I watch as his knees buckle and his body quivers in anticipation of the next kick. Bam, bam, bam! I give him three hard kicks to his manhood and he is gasping for air and begging for mercy.

I think I love ballbusting so much because it really serves to show these egotistical boys how insignificant their cocks really are. Once I crush their cock and balls, along with their pride and arrogance, they are much better at learning how to serve a true Asian Goddess such as myself.

Nothing takes away a man`s pride and ego, then a woman kicking him square in his family jewels over and over again. It serves to remind him that his cock and balls hold absolutely no value for me, nor anyone else for that matter after I am through with them. For many, their precious cock defines them, and if you eliminate this, they have no option but to surrender themselves to a life of servitude.

With each vicious kick and knee to his groin, his balls begin to shrink and shrivel up into his stomach until he comes to realize that his testicles no longer belong to him they belong to me, his Asian Goddess. I will kick, stomp, crush and abuse his soon to be useless ball sack however I please, and he can`t lift a finger to stop me. I will only grant him mercy, when he drops to his knees coughing, choking and gasping for air. And with his very last breath, he acknowledges that his place for all eternity is to worship, serve and obey ME!
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Domnation: IM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET! Starring Goddess Tangent

After thoroughly thrashing her rebellious slave with a severe crocodile leather whip, Tangent informs her Bitch that there is still more to come! She is not done with him, yet! Not by a long shot. Tangent retrieves yet another arcane leather slapper and goes o town on his ass cheeks and back.

This whip is so painful that her slave literally loses consciousness from the harsh beating. But that doesnt bother the Goddess one little bit. She just awakens him, lifts him up and begins whipping him again even harder. Last but certainly not least, Tangent busts out a short single tail whip and rips him to shreds in mere seconds. Lights out again!
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: A Day In The Life Of The MGM Houseslave Part 2 of 7 – Clean That Toilet Again Bitch (1080 HD)

***This was a paid custom clip from a member of our website. He requested to script out a cruel “day in the life” for one of our house slaves. This is one part of his very looong day!***

A naked slave is locked up in a cage. You let him out and he immediately licks your boots and soles with greatest passion. Then you lead him on all 4s with a leash into the toilet. There you cuff his hands be-hind the back and tell him to clean the toilet bowl with his tongue, with a special attention on the toilet rim and the inside of the bowl. While he cleans, you chastise him with face slaps and spit at him and shock his balls and do other mean things to make it much harder for him to clean the toilet thoroughly. At the end you inspect his work, as it is unsatisfactory, you dunk his head into the toilet and hold it there with your boot on his head and flush several times. Afterwards you chain him to the toilet with a short chain, his head is still in the bowl and tell him to continue the cleaning.

FEATURING: Princess Beverly
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Miss Untamed FemDom Fetish Clips: Hold it!

As if the Latex Glove P.0pper Fuck wasn’t enough for you…make sure to grab your again while I force you hold it in for Me. Mind Fucked by My black shiny latex gloves you will inhale for Me and I will place My hand over your mouth. Forcing you to hold it. Simple right? How about adding some jerk off encouragement in the mix. Too much for you to handle? Try and see!!!
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Spiders, Spit, and Slap (720 HD)

Queen Kasey stopped by and I am giving her a “tour’ of Mean Girl Manor since I took it over. I want to impress her with how badly I have beaten the house slaves into submission and how obedient and useful they have become under my rule. (Out of fear mostly, but whatever it takes, right?) But when we walk outside I can see that this fucking loser can’t do anything right.

Outside and naked a black leather collar around his neck, Me and Queen Kasey inspect what little work this fucktard has accomplished in the time we had given him. When he tells us that he several spiders but didn’t lick them off the ground, chew them, and swallow like a good subhuman, we decide it’s time to teach him some proper slaveboy etiquette.

I slap his sorry face so hard he falls to the ground, while Queen Kasey grabs him by his chin and spits in his eye. We are merciless in our open palmed brutality. Of course, a Princess’s hands are too refined to be slapping worthless slaves all day so I strike my crop across the side of his face and spit on his hair, his mouth, and all over, until he is a quivering mess of saliva and shame. But his punishment is not over yet- before we’re done with him, we give him a little something to suck on… slut. Ha ha ha.

Princess Bella
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Brat Princess 2: Mia and Vienna – Unsastisfactory Boyfriend Fucked by Female Led Relationship Concilor (Part 1) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In the first part of this clip, Vienna explains to Miles that he will have to learn to cum passively, now that he is locked up in chastity. Vienna displays several dildos and allows Miles to choose the cock he will get fucked with. Miles chooses a dildo named “Tyrone” as his date. Vienna starts to ass fuck Miles with Tyrone as part of his training to be a better boyfriend.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Lick My Glossy Boots Bitch – WMV

What would you do for a lick of these gorgeous glossy black thigh high stretch patent leather platform boots? Beautiful, aren’t they? Grovel worthy, really. Worth devoting your entire measly existence to? Of course, they are. They’re actually this bitch’s new purpose in life. Few men will ever have the privilege of feeling that sharp thin stiletto dig into their skin or get my permission to lick the dirt from those soles. At least this slut recognizes what an honor it is to be kept pressed to the floor beneath my boots!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Basic Bitch Correction – MP4

Even the most well trained slaves require selective re-programming once in a while. Let’s face it, men are primitive creatures that quickly revert to thoughts of self sexual gratification when not constantly put in their proper place. This bitch seems to have forgotten how it waits for me — on hands and knees with its head pressed to the floor. My refresher course starts by placing a leather collar around its neck and cuffs on its wrists and ankles. Then I make it entertain me by having it finger its asshole and sniff and suck that same finger. Apparently the humiliation made “my” dick hard. Such a little whore. Then I leash my pet and make it crawl behind my heels. I use the cane and whip next to ensure it learns it lesson. It gets rewarded by having my FF nyloned foot shoved so far down its throat it gags on my toes!
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Empress Jennifer: Slavery Begins Today

This is a special series of clips where I have taken it upon Myself to personally train My own video slaves for My own self-interest. The transformation is truly amazing.. Something you can expect if interested in being My slave. Enjoy

To train a slave, there are many considerations to examine. One being: can the slave be broken of his old ways to learn new behaviors suitable for serving Me? In this series, we kick off a new focus of Mine as a Femdom and new direction of the site. The truth is, It hasn’t been easy finding slaves that meet My expectations. So I have decided to train a new crop from scratch. Now, you may witness the transformation of ordinary men, turning into worthy slaves of Empress Jennifer. Im allowing you clip by clip, to watch Me teach and train My new slaves to shake off their corrupt past, to be reborn as better beings who act with purpose. In this clip, I begin with training My slave the true nature of proper worship; how to sing and pray to his Goddess; his Empress. Make sure you’re checking daily, as you will see My slave’s progress and how it is progresses accordingly to My master plan.

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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Intro To Pain (1080 HD)

This slave was here serving about a week ago. Before he left I told him he had to learn to take pain for us or else he couldn’t come back. He came back. He thinks he can take a Mean Girl beating. Raven and I whipped the ever-living fuck out of this slave. He was cringing, shaking, telling us he couldn’t take anymore. But we made him take it. A few time he tried to crawl away but we yanked him back on his leash and made him take more and more whippings. I love beating the ones that are not into pain because they wuss out the most, it always makes me laugh. We took turns transforming this sub in to a real pain slut. Now it won’t be long before he’s begging us to beat him again. They always come crawling back for more. Beating these slaves is so much fun!!

Princess Bella
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With her slave helplessly bound and at her disposal, Goddess Storm uses one of her most prized weapons, a 4 foot leather snake whip, to keep him hanging on the edge between pleasure and pain. Strike after agonizing strike, her whip tears at the baby soft flesh on his ass and back, leaving him welted, bruised and lacerated in mere seconds.

In between her whip strikes, Storm uses her long, razor sharp finger nails to inflict both ecstacy and agony. With just the proper amount of pressure, her long talons dig deep into the flesh, causing nearly as much pain as her dreaded whip. With a softer and more tender caress, her nails brushed across his already enflamed back have him purring in pure pleasure, like a kitty cat.

Goddess Storm holds the balance of power in both hands, alternating between her vicious whip and her switch blade like claws. Which will come next? The whip? The sexy touch? Or the deadly touch of her nails ripping him apart? He will simply have to wait and see.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Caning Makes Slaves Work Harder

To get this clip for less money click here Caning Makes Slaves Work Harder (1080 HD)

I take Queen Kasey out into the garage as part of her “tour” while she is making her return visit to Mean Girl Manor. I wanted to show her what I have one of the slaves working on. (It’s actually a dance floor that all of us can dance on- with slaves’ balls underneath the floor! LOL! Am I not a genius??) Anyway, we decide it would just be fun to cane the slave that is working out in the garage. He seems to be working hard, but caning always makes slaves work HARDER!!

And we both really lay into this one. His fat slob ass needs to be beaten CONSTANTLY. And I make sure he knows it. The Queen seemed pretty impressed with my caning abilities… A least I hope so! I was hoping to make a good impression at this loser’s expense. At the end, his hide looked like I accomplished my goal LOL.

By the way, for those of you wondering, this IS TOTALLY REAL. Queen Kasey really was visiting here, and you will DEF be seeing that “dancefloor” used in an upcoming clip when that idiot is done finally with it! Or else his beating are going to get a LOT worse.

Princess Bella
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Break My Trampling Record

Remember guys, This is a real life clip – I had some loser slave just keep begging me and begging me to walk all over him so I finally agreed to have him over. I added only one requirement; he had to withstand a record breaking trampling session. The standing record is 9 full minutes he has to do at least 10 minutes or Ill banish him forever. HAHA it makes me laugh to think of stabbing my sharp stiletto heels for an excruciating full ten minutes. Most slaves cant even do it! The best ones last 5 or 6 min, so this is a real test of a slaves willingness to suffer for me. I love trampling slaves just for payback for all the annoying emails I get from them. I can trample this slave all day I have a lot of text messages to get back to from hot guys who deserve my attention, I think Ill check if hes still alive later, LOL

Princess Adriana
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Goddess Lucy Marie/Lucy Mariexxxx: Trance: Uncontrollable Erection

A powerful conversational induction with post hy pn otic suggestion, taking you deep into trance and deeper still into an erotic brainwash where I will take complete ownership of your cock and most importantly your mind. My deviously sensual words will trigger your subconscious, my breasts will ensnare you, my eyes will enrapture you into obedient bliss. Only your goddess will permit you to orgasm.

I know how important it is for you to be hard for your Goddess…rock hard. Your hard erect cock standing to attention the moment I begin to speak. You must only be sexually responsive to me, all that matters is how you feel about me, aroused and staying hard. You are a true man when erect, useful and worthy of my attention..aroused and obedient. You feel you deserve my attention, it feels so good to focus on what truly makes you hard…hard for long long periods of time. Do you like to edge for me..edging yourself closer and closer to orgasm but never quite letting go? does that keep you hard for long periods of time. Do you find the harder you are, the more aroused you become? I know that when you stay truly rock hard for me it makes you feel so incredibly aroused. You like long slow build ups…you like to work for your orgasm. When you have been slowly and lovingly teased to the point of torture that is when you are truly satisfied. Every time Your cock is hard and erect you pay homage to your goddess, every erection is a symbol of your love, devotion and obsession. Your mind may try to control your addiction but your body will never lie. Each erection shows just how weak you are…how beautifully weak you are.
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House of Sinn – Queen Lissandra – Caged Anal Whore

Mistress Lissandra is the Queen of strap on whose favourite activity is fucking the asses of Her male whores. Today She has a surprise for Her naked caged slave – well it is not really a surprise because once he sets eyes on Her big strap on he knows he is in for a vigorous ass pounding that will only stop once his Mistress is tired of him. She releases him from the cage where he spends most of his lowly life and straps him to the bondage bench before driving Her big black cock forcefully into his willing ass. He is such an anal whore that the cock slips in easily and as She thrusts hard this fuck toy soon starts to moan with pleasure betraying his slutty pleasures. He will be left tied to the bench, ass stretched and exposed ready for much more cock.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Gets Your Bell Rung

For our “slave tryouts” we sometimes test a slave’s endurance by making him hold a bell between his teeth. If we hear that fucking bell getting rung at ANY point when he is being whipped, he gets beat HARDER. With me (Princess Bella) directing the action, and one of our other Princesses running the camera, Princess Ashley whips this wannabe loser mercilessly- and every single time that whip cracks across his back we all hear ring of that little bell between his teeth. WTF??? This slave is soooo stupid. Doesn’t he know how to stay still if he is commanded to do so by his Superiors?

Well, we have an assortment of whips to break him with- and they go from “easy” to downright “destructive”. And of course, eventually I couldn’t resist the urge to step out from behind the camera to lay a few cracks across its back to show Chanel how its really done. You wouldn’t believe how we lay waste to his back. We weren’t even sure if this slave could take it. But even a weakling like this pathetic loser can’t stop himself from wanting to serve us Mean Girls as a REAL LIFE SLAVE here at the Manor…no matter how badly we beat and abuse him…

But it is a short clip because the loser was broken and sobbing on the floor like a little bitch after only 5 minutes LOL.

Princess Bella
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Even More Electric Cock Therapy – WMV

I finally made a breakthrough and got “my” cock to go soft after the eleventh needle went in. The poor little thing must have been exhausted from all that attention. I wasn’t done yet. It was the perfect opportunity to further control my toy making it get hard once more on my command… with a little help from my vibrator. Eventually I want to train it to get hard when I snap my fingers and go soft when I snap them again. This could take years of intensive therapy. Anyway, it was time to milk it so I ran the vibrating bulb up and down the shaft teasing all those needles while I made it keep the electric probe deep in its hole until it was ready to spurt!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Electric Cock Therapy – WMV

Wake up, slut… Mistress wants to play with her cock! I’ll keep it starved, thirsty and horny tightly tethered to the bed until it truly accepts that it belongs to me. Oh, and that little thing between its legs, its mine too. Some cock shock treatment should cure its horny little desires. Nothing like driving that metal pole deep down its hole and turning up the current to refocus its little brain. After a few hours, I might return and tend to its hunger and thirst. It loves when I feed it from the source!
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Borrowed For Kicking Games

Hey just a quick shout out to Goddess Rodea for let me using your ballbusting slave, thanks Girl! The mean girls are on another loser funded vacation, LOL. People should know I cant always take a full stable of slaves on with me when I travel so its good to pass them around to the others at Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Rodea was also in town and was gracious enough to let me use here ballbusting slave to have a little fun in my hotel room. Im not going without a ballbusting just because Im on the road, OMG. This was fun because every time I stopped he thought I was done but I was only taking a rest, the agony on his face when I started up again was priceless, LOL. I got this crazy idea play a game and make him name states each time I kick him, so at least he needs to take another 50 kicks, right? When his mind goes blank I punish him with harder kicks so hes fucked either way, but Im having fun! I also think its so funny how we trade and borrow each others slaves like a pieces of meat. The act of dehumanizing a man this way, AND BUSTING HIS NUTS, always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

Princess Adriana
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Shaming Him With Ballbusting (1080 HD)

Is there anything worse for a slave then watching his Queen play with another slave? Especially when the other slave can do something you cant. Thats precisely the meaning of this ballbusting. I got a new slave in training and his hard limit is ballbusting. So to show him how really pathetic he is I bring out not one, but two slaves for a ballbusting just to throw it in his face! I just like to kick both slaves in the nuts and then give a look of distain to my new slave to reinforce his disgraceful inabilities. I can tell by the way he kneels he is full of shame and self-loathing because he does not have the courage to take what I want to give him. As my other two slaves fall to the floor in pain and beg for more BALLBUSTING, my new slave is on the brink of crying because he knows he is not good enough. this is how I coerce pussy bitch slaves to take more pain. He is slowly going to start to like ballbusting now that he saw me dominate these other two slaves like that, LOL!

Queen Kasey
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Clubdom: Arena Rome Domination (ENTIRE MOVIE)

Queen Arena Rome drags her slave into her dungeon and forces his legs apart. She then gets a running start to kick him in his useless slut sacks. Queen Arena drags her slave around and uses her hands and feet to bust his fucking balls. Queen Arena Rome has her slave on her St. Andrew’s Cross and forces him to beg to be whipped. When Queen Arena is convinced her slave wants to feel the sting of her whip, she proceeds to lash his pale white back. Her slave cries out in pain while being whipped until his back is bright red. Queen Arena Rome has her pathetic slave bent over his cage and ready to get caned. Queen Arena makes him count the number of times his bare ass has been caned while she punishes her slave. Queen Arena Rome has been having fun punishing her slave, and is craving some pussy attention. Of course her pathetic slave will never be able to satisfy her, or even touch her wet pussy. Queen Arena makes her slave wear a chindo to fuck her with. She grabs the back of his head to help him fuck her pussy. Queen Arena Rome makes her slave lube up her strap on before she fucks his tight man pussy. When her big black cock is lubed up enough, Queen Arena bends her slave over and shoves her cock in his ass.

Get all 5 parts of Arena Rome’s First time at Clubdom right here for one disounted price!

Featuring strap-on, ballbusting, caning, whipping, dildo-gags and everything that crush male pego ego and enhance female pleasure.
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